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  1. Constraining wires to Cached Geometry

    Adrian, you just answered so many questions not only about Houdini but specifically what i'm doing. Using point wrangle to get base cvs instead of the foreach loop I was using was fantastic. I had also been looking for "Maya Wrap in Houdini" unsuccessfully on google so when I saw the pointdeform I cried tears of joy. It looks like you went through a lot to get that all working thanks for sharing! My character has long hair, so I still need to figure out how to create a web of constraints to hold hairs to one another during motion without having to specify each connection individually. Someone pointed me to the constraint network but it would still require you to create a piece of geometry for each individual connection you're wanting to create. Is there something akin to nHair's component to component constraint which accepts a selection of verts and creates a web of springs based on a few parameters like distance of points.
  2. Constraining wires to Cached Geometry

    Hello everybody. I'm bringing in a cached character animation and cached curves from Maya as an Alembic cache. I've split the character and my hair curves apart and created a DOP with wire solver where I can successfully simulate the curves colliding with the characters body and falling endlessly into space. I'm now trying to create constraints to constrain my Zero cvs for my wires to my scalp points on my cached character which is in the DOP as a staticobject. The hair curves have a group already with all the 0 cvs and the static object has a group for the scalp points. I'm trying to find a simple way to constrain these two groups together. I've tried using an sbdpinconstraint but it wants all of the constrained points and goal points to be in order so that it can constrain them to one another in that order. Is there a node or method by which I can constrain these two groups of points to one another intuitively based on distance. I'm also considering caching my hair curves in maya so that I can just glueToAnim but I'll still need to know how to constrain things. I'm a bit new to Houdini, hope you guys can help cheers.