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  1. This is an awesome setup, thank you very much for sharing! Pardon me for being ignorant if this is an easy fix, but if you animate the input geometry to rotate by 180* in Y-axis, the volumes start breaking up using method 1. Anyone know how to make method 1 work with that kind of animation?
  2. How to change number of inputs/outputs on a subnet? Is it possible without converting it to an HDA?
  3. Hello wonderful people of ODForcce! What would be the best approach to export large amount of agents(10 000) / agents in general, to USD. Without unpacking. Is it possible? The "bakeskinning" lop node sorta works, but houdini crashes after exporting a couple frames. Cheers!
  4. Fantastic! Thank you
  5. Hi wonderful people of OddForce. How would you go about constraining an agent to a rigid object (not an agent but regualr rbd/bullet object), in a crowd sim?
  6. Couple of questions. 1. Are your UVs correct on your sim pieces before you even sim them? 2. Have you fractured them? If so, did you make sure the UVs are treated correctly throughtout the process 3. Did you export your pieces as packed or unpacked? I'd start with making sure the UVs are correct before you even sim them. Check the pieces that you import into your rigid sim. If they are packed, unpack em. If you've fractured them, make sure you treated UVs correctly in that process. If they were fractured and you have an insde group or outside group, you can use a "attribtransfer" sop to transfer your UVs from original untouched geo to the outside group (* ^inside) of your sim pieces. If it is too late to resim the pieces with correct UVs, as long as your sim cache from earlier still has the "orient" and "pivot" attribs, you can simply use a "transformpieces" sop to transform your pieces with correct UVs. Names has to match ofc. After that you can try exporting the geo unpacked.
  7. Falling Pixel Sort Effect

    Oooh, fancy!
  8. Destruction of previously animated object

    That's great! I'm happy I could help you out
  9. How to repeat this effect

  10. Destruction of previously animated object

    Here's a quick example moving an animated object to the origin, fracture it, create constraints, then move it back to original animation position.In sim we can take advantage of active and animated attributes to have the pieces start at the origin with (active = 0, animated = 1) and lining the pieces up with the constraints when the constraints are imported into the sim, then move the pieces to animated object position and turning the desired pieces active (active = 1). Kinda quick and dirty, but it works. Constraints are not effing atleast. Don't let the guide of the constraint in the constraintnetwork fool ya. rigids_animated_constraints_at_origo.zip
  11. Destruction of previously animated object

    Probebly your constraints not lining up with your pieces. On the first frame of your sim (or at the frame you import your constraints). Try having your pieces at origo on the first frame (with active = 0 and animated = 1), then move them to the animated position and use a sop solver to to make the desired pieces active.