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  1. Need tips on how to prodedural modeling a tree

    Hi, sorry for the late replay, bank holiday here in UK. Thanks a lot, this is a definitely something that I can work with!
  2. Hi! I`m looking into creating a digital asset of procedural trees, with the idea being to generate a hole bunch of pine trees that you can scatter in a background of a shot for example. I`m sort off lost in the whole procedural way, and the L system is way to complicated for what we are trying to achieve all though that might be something to look into in the future. Also is there a way of copying a line with different length the higher up it goes? Lets say you have a line 8 units long with 10 points, I have grouped every other points and want to copy another line on the grouped points, but I need the length of line to shrink with each copy Any tips would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, rebels! I`m currently looking into some Houdini flip RND and I got this shot where I need to paint friction attribute on one side, e.g the water falls faster on one side of the ground. Is this a straight forward thing or is it a bit of a pain in the "!$ due to the nature of water? I attached a test file so you guys can get a sense of what I`m talking about friction_water_test_v001.hip
  4. Hi, I`m currently working on animating a sheep being thrown out of a boat and i`ve been trying to use FEM for this effect. Being a 3d modeller and a junior houdini artist, character animation and rigging isnt my strong suit. The goal is to throw the sheep using FEM which has worked out great but I have little control of the sheep`s legs, and painting stiffness hasn't given me quite the result i`ve been looking for(Legs bends uncontrollably). Its quite hard to art direct. Is it possible to combine rigged legs with fem and how would one go about creating something like that? The sheep has to do a spin, and land on its neck which I have accomplished using FEM but now I just need to constrain the legs a little bit and add life to them at the same time. It`s a bit of an odd one but hopefully someone has some good tips and tricks. Cant share the hip file sadly.