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  1. Clean Growth PolyWires, Tutorials?

    Thanks @mestela Really nicely done~ I think he must've subdivide it multiple times then add the lines on the interior of the subdivision. Thanks for the share though.
  2. Clean Growth PolyWires, Tutorials?

    Hi James, Unfortunately I've already seen the clip previously, although its the closest, but it still isn't as clean as the image posted above, ive tried messing with all the parameters to smoothen it, but the results seem different. mmm. Have you figure out how to make the Curl Noise very clean and smooth like the image above? I like to hear your take on it.
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who stumble across this image wondering how the heck he did it. I tried using those basic scatter commands, but it doesn't create clean lines. If anyone knows where I can find tutorials to generate clean traces over geometry like this, it would be much appreciate, and the whole community will thank you.
  4. There should be at least THUMBNAILS to show before clicking on a link. Too much Bloody Text, im sure alot of people agree, why not have thumbnails PICTURES in each Post, so that we don't need to second guess every post before clicking on it. This is a forum about ANIMATION (Visuals) afterall isn't it??
  5. Curly Abstract Geometry

    Do you mind sharing the last image's .hip file? @caskal It's very interesting to learn the flow or you could replace it with a basic sphere. Thanks
  6. Not sure how to delete this please disregard this post, i found my solution.
  7. Hey guys, So the deal is, i am currently still learning the tricks of Houdini, but i am familiar with C4D. I was wondering is there a way to export Motion data from Houdini to be used in Cinema 4D. Something along the lines of 'Mixamo' .fbx ,type of data. Thanks in Advance. I would appreciate if you can lead me to the right place.