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  1. I want to do a marine vortex effect in the Houdini, but in the actual production of the rotating force field to add to the fluid to drive fluid, found that the fluid will be dumped over time, which makes me very distressed, also do not know how to solve, I hope someone can help me, there is no information to learn! Thank you
  2. Tornado

    Hello Mr. slayerk, you seem to feel very magical project file, a project file originally I test, your custom force field into the pyrosolver clearing device, the smoke will be off, do not know what reasons, I think you do not have this problem, I and your custom field it is basically the same but do not know why the effects are not the same. Then I use pyrosolver in SOP to change the way a node hybrid stress field can be, can explain the solution in the custom force field and the pyrosolver itself in a pyrosolver field how to operate it?