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  1. Cycling instancefile sequences

    Thanks for you input, Librarian. Cool solution, but I kind of need to use a redshift proxy sequence. But managed to come up with a solution of setting a timer which activates every few hundred frames (the length of animaton) for one frame and then the sequence gets set back to zero.
  2. Cycling instancefile sequences

    Hello everyone, I am looking for advice how to cycle an animation of my instancefile sequences. Right now this is how I instance my files (see below), I assume I could create some sort of range for the animation, and if the frame goes over a certain number, it jumps back to the first. Any advice would be appreciated. int Frms = @Frame - @startFrame; string frames = itoa(Frms); string suffix = ".rs"; s@instancefile = "$hip/rsproxies/guy_mesh_2." + frames + suffix; I am using redshift proxies and a @startFrame integer to offset each of the animations on points. Thank you.