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  1. Seven Dancing Swirling Blobs

    This is an enhanced version of an earlier animation. This time it was rendered with a dual 1080GTX G1 and 960GTX in Redshift. So instead of taking 3 hours, it took about 1hr30 - I guess there are ways of making it quicker but I'm still in the learning process
  2. I just wanted to say hello and how much I'm enjoying teaching myself Houdini! - I came to it by finding work colleagues enjoyed my Powerpoint presentations and thought I could make some fun animations for youtube during my spare time. I can't draw too well and so I use a lot of graphics from CC0 images. Here's a playlist of what you can do in Powerpoint with a lot of jiggery pokery: Powerpoint is good and you can get instant good results but it started to become a bit limiting and so I moved on to Anime Studio Pro which is a 2D animation Package that includes Bone rigging - here's a bigger playlist: My main interest is telling stories and so I'm currently learning Houdini and figure out ways that I can use it to tell more stories about old Grannies and Space Aliens!
  3. I made this video to try out Houdini's Texture Bump mapping, Popnets and Transparency with Redshift... I also wanted to break things!
  4. Hello, I'm very new to the whole world of 3D and learning as I go along and this is my first proper video made using Houdini other than simple Test clips. I'm looking into Redshift as Mantra takes forever to render anything on my I5 and it seems like a waste of processing power not to use the GPU which is built for graphics processing. While doing this video, I found it really came to life once I started adding in the sound effects in Adobe Premiere. It seemed a bit flat and unrealistic without them! Hope you enjoy this short and simple video!