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  1. Hello all, I've got a rookie question, probably straight forward, I'm trying to select points which are not in a specified group with a nearpoint function (I'm getting the same result with pcfind and nearpoints). I've got a series of point 'growing' in a solver creating lines. I've set an integer attribute 'source' before the solver so each connected points have the same source number. Then I need to select the closest point which is not part of the same line when these lines intersect. I've found out that : string grp = "!" + itoa(i@source); should do the trick but it doesnt some how. I'm missing something here, I'm sure it's straight forward, anyone has any idea? Thanks a lot! cheers Grouping_Question.hipnc
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a bit lost on this one, I've got lines growing in a solver, when those lines intersect, I'm trying to get the velocity vector of the closest point set as the new velocity for the intersecting lines. I'm getting the right result for the first intersecting point but the following one is getting the former direction and snaps back to the original direction, even tho the intersection is still happening according to the spreadsheet. The aim is to get the intersecting line to follow the other one in a parallel manner. Hip file here: intersect_contour.hip Any insight is welcome! thanks a lot,