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  1. Hi there Currently testing the Redshift demo, to see if its more convenient and faster to work with than Mantra - not to impressed so far, but maybe Im doing something wrong... ok so: Have a scene with some particles, and I use RS obj params and check "render object as particles" - works fine - but scrubbing the timeline doesnt affect the IPR window, so particle system in IPR looks as if nothing happened... Also experienced a lot of mplay crashes when closing down the IPR window...
  2. Hi folks Im a Houdini-noob, but somewhat techsavvy nerd, tryin to learn Houdini by fiddling with it, building stuff! atm tryin to re-create the "sharing" system visualised w the gif here ( i originally created it w pflow dataops in 3dsmax, but a fine case for houdini i thought ) idea of the system is each point representing a unit with a certain amount of energy if a point have a overcapacity of energy its look if a neighbour nearby is in need of energy if a energy-wealthy point sends energy to another, its withdrawn the amount of energy the lucky energylacking neighbour receives probably a deep plunge but thought, Hey I can easily write this w vex wrangles inside a SOP solver and voila - turns out not so easy... I sort of solved the exchange of energy btw groups of points, but struggle with visualising the "sent" energy as a "extra point flying from the energy-wealthy point to the energy-lacking one... seems fx i cant assign a velocity to the extra added point, only move it by moving its position Am i taking the totally wrong approach to this or is there hope? sharing v01.hipnc
  3. noob confusion about render elements

    Ah found out that the mplay button had options under it if I made a hold-press, and then I could render fullres. Also figured out the workflow for multichannel exr's, with ae's builtin extraction effects, at least for doing post DOF it works fine so far. Funny though I couldnt find a reflection element AOV option ( at least not in the checkmark section ), just puzzled me since I use that all the time with vray.
  4. noob confusion about render elements

    also tried rendering to mplay, via the button in lowerleft corner - but it consistently renders in half resolution and I havent figured out HOW to make it render fullres... furthermore in my 3dsmax vray I have the option to save out the elements as a seperate file, not that its crucial - I just like it that way, so if anyone knows if its possible let me know
  5. Hi there Currently learning Houdini so raising the noob flag Trying to grasp how to get render elements like zdepth, reflection, specular out of the mantra render engine for use in AfterEffects. Im currently doing my renders via the IPR window ( Render view tab ), and I can see my elements below the C on the rollout menu. But I cannot figure out how to save them, if I rightclick the render view window and choose save Frame, its only saving the beautypass, even when i switch the rollout to lets say Pz, still only the beautypass... br Chr