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  1. Hi, I am working on a scene where I have a particle system that forms gradually. There is a barrel in the scene that progressively dissolves and a foam-like substance takes its place before melting down. The barrel animation is driven by a pyro source spread, that in conjunction with an Axiom solver also drives the velocity of the POP simulation. The simulation works fine. However, in rendering (with Arnold) I have a bunch of tiny particles under the intended particles that reflect the light source while flickering and these are not present on every frame. This flicker only appears in the render. I cannot see anything in between the "real" particles and the box object below in the viewport. I am attaching the first 6 frames. Any idea what is causing my issue? Thanks
  2. Universal dynamic car rig

    Hi, did you then figure this out? I'm looking to create an automatic/responsive car rig in Houdini for a project I'm working on but I couldn't find any tutorial about this. Do you have any information on this subject? Thanks