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  1. Hello, I'm wondering how to go about this... I have a circular copy of boxes (merged) that I want captured from bones I have generated from a python script (script just makes bones for each copy of the object). I was thinking I could do a for each piece and do a capture proximity for each object and then after the loop, do a bone deform. But the proximity capture is capturing the other boxes as well. I want 1 bone to only capture 1 box. Not sure if i'm going about this correctly. The model is procedurally created and the number of boxes will change (causing me to run my script again, that will delete old bones and create new ones). any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Convolution curve

    looks like she is selling it, $2 aint bad https://www.orbolt.com/asset/kgoossens::KG_convolutionCurve
  3. I get these artifacts when I have more than 1 direction in my direction vector when Grain is enabled. Are you using grain with more than one direction vector?
  4. Copy UVs to other faces

    could you create groups of the sides of cubes using normals and project on each group? cubes.hipnc
  5. Area preserving deformer

    This person got cloth to be sucked into a hole...slightly disturbing
  6. Houdini not exporting geometry to FBX?

    @Alain2131, thanks for this. If you wanted to retain each objects pivot, would you have to object merge each object up into the obj level?
  7. Potato peeling

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_peeling https://perso.liris.cnrs.fr/dcoeurjo/publications/dcoeurjo_chassery_ismm.pdf Has anyone attempted doing something like this in Houdini? It looks like you shrink the object, convex hull, and scale it up to where the hull first touches the original surface it gets sliced (maybe using original surface normal), and then you iterate that till you have a largest possible area that lies within a given non-convex polygon. thanks, z
  8. Spiral around mesh

    Ray works well. You want your point normals to point to the center in X an Z SpiralConform.hip
  9. Group edges

    this is one way, not very elegant but it works ZGroupLoops.hipnc
  10. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    Source code is provided, someone needs to compile it for H17, and the platform, Win10? I would, but i don't have visual studio at home.
  11. Please help to modeling leaf venation

    nice Algorithm!, i did a quick test:
  12. Edge Flow

    Excellent, looking forward to that! let me know of you need a tester
  13. Edge Flow

    this would work well with your Divide Edges otl, could even combine them. BTW, I just found all your otl's. Amazing work, thanks so much for these! Do you take requests? so many cool features I've seen lately with Blender (Mesh Machine)!
  14. Direct Modeling HDA

    @Alexey Vanzhula that's a shame that you got rid of the menu, I liked it and was getting used to it. Any idea when DM 2.0 is going to be released? thanks, z
  15. Direct Modeling HDA

    @Alexey Vanzhula Hello, I recently bought DM a few days ago. And I have a few questions: My DM menu is very small (I work on a 4k monitor) is there a way to make it bigger? Any ETA on DM 2.0? or giving owners of DM 1.0 early access? 11 Months ago you posted this video that shows DM 1.0.1, but I cannot find the "Flow Loop" command in the DM menu nor the DM shelf, is DM 1.0.1 not the release you get from your Gumroad? I seem to be missing some commands in my DM Menu seen here: https://postimg.cc/mz5QtMmR, I see the commands in the DM shelf but how do I get them into the menu? This happens in H16.5 and H17 (Win10) Missing the following: Delete Nodes Clean History Bake History Flatten H Flatten V Bridge Std thanks, z