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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hi Alexey, Last year you said the upgrade from DM1 to DM 2.0 was going to be free, how do current DM users get the new version? thanks
  2. Smoothing 90 degree curve turn

    for the round corners Nick Taylor's aelib has a round corners otl: https://github.com/Aeoll/Aelib and many other useful tools
  3. How to select a bevelled edges?

    Submitted an RFE for this
  4. Direct Modeling HDA

    Does DM with H17 patch not work in H17.5? I finally was able to update to H17.5 and tried a simple soft boolean test and I get an error in the soft boolean node (only simple mode works). I can't look at the error "Permission Denied". I have the DM 1.0 (with possibility with updating) version. Thanks. closest chevron to me
  5. Fix polygon with bad topology

  6. How to select a bevelled edges?

    yes, you can get prims "corner faces" but OP was trying to get an edge group from beveled points. I really wish the bevel sop would have this option.
  7. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Invert options in Group Sop Lots of selection presets - edges, points and prims. I am slowly collecting interesting ways to get selections but a list of them I can quickly jump through, the better. Extended Presets - organization, tool tips, color code, collapsible categories. Group auto creation for all modeling operations. Auto delete interface parameters that are no longer used. Or a “clean” command? let me move more than 1 point at a time for a curve.
  8. How to select a bevelled edges?

    Group SOP, by edges, with a small Max Edge length
  9. Direct Modeling HDA

    nice, thanks for adding the size setups, it was very small on a 4k monitor.
  10. Hello, I'm wondering how to go about this... I have a circular copy of boxes (merged) that I want captured from bones I have generated from a python script (script just makes bones for each copy of the object). I was thinking I could do a for each piece and do a capture proximity for each object and then after the loop, do a bone deform. But the proximity capture is capturing the other boxes as well. I want 1 bone to only capture 1 box. Not sure if i'm going about this correctly. The model is procedurally created and the number of boxes will change (causing me to run my script again, that will delete old bones and create new ones). any help is appreciated, thanks!
  11. Convolution curve

    looks like she is selling it, $2 aint bad https://www.orbolt.com/asset/kgoossens::KG_convolutionCurve
  12. I get these artifacts when I have more than 1 direction in my direction vector when Grain is enabled. Are you using grain with more than one direction vector?
  13. Copy UVs to other faces

    could you create groups of the sides of cubes using normals and project on each group? cubes.hipnc
  14. Area preserving deformer

    This person got cloth to be sucked into a hole...slightly disturbing
  15. Houdini not exporting geometry to FBX?

    @Alain2131, thanks for this. If you wanted to retain each objects pivot, would you have to object merge each object up into the obj level?