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  1. I'd like to get the type of a primitive

    @fsimerey, thanks!
  2. Hi, can I somehow get the type of a primitive? I need to separate "polylines" from "polys".
  3. Abstract -Colors-Copy

    or just: @P.y=rint(@P.y*10)/10;
  4. trying a subway tunnel

    @Librarian, Quite an interesting example, I can take a few good ideas from it. Thanks. @Atom, Thanks, Awesome advice, and the thread! Will post updates upon getting some progress @Noobini, I guess that I'm the FX-department as well, so If I want to blow something up I have to build it first:)
  5. Abstract -Colors-Copy

    My amateur guess is that it could be something like this, but fancier terraces.hipnc
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make a procedural subway tunnel and would be happy to hear any advice as to how to deform tunnel pieces along the curve. Thanks)
  7. Hi, how to auto-load on startup or manually load a custom shelf. I see 'save shelf set as..' but I can't find something like load or open shelf.
  8. There is a @Cd error.

    or: float color =ch("float_color_y"); @Cd.y=color; or: vector color =chv("color"); @Cd.y=color.y; if you want to use Y only color_upd.hipnc
  9. There is a @Cd error.

    Because it doesn't work that way. You should use different syntax to address a parameter(a channel) : Try something like: vector color =chv("color"); @Cd=color; or: @Cd=chv("color"); == Cheers color.hipnc
  10. @Noobini I was looking for VEX solution but Thanks anyway, it is good to have a working example. @anim Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for! so I was thinking in the right direction but messed up the syntax) (that defvalue[] in the 'adpointattrib' was quite confusing)
  11. Hi, I'd like to create some attributes inside a loop (for/foreach) and I need them to have the loop number as the part of their name. Can I do that?
  12. odd behavior of a digital asset in UE4

    fixed it by placing 'Attribute Delete' to the stream where curve from UE4 will be connected. Just in case if somebody encounters the same bug)
  13. Hi, I have encountered some odd behavior of a digital asset in UE4, could somebody please try and do the same to confirm, or maybe point at what am I doing wrong? So, first of all, my Houdini version is 18.0.348 and UE is 4.24.1 I'm quite new to all houdini_to_UE related stuff so probably it is not a bug, but my misunderstanding of some core principles. So I made an hda which has Sweep node inside and a profile curve; when I put it in the UE4 and use curve_input, it works but the resulting geometry appears squashed by one of the axes. Oddly though, if I use PolyWire instead of Sweep in my asset it works just fine.
  14. Hi, I have some problems using Houdini on 4k screen. Global UI scale in Preferences helps a bit. 1. But the size of 'shape_pallete' is extremely small. (you can try to find it on the picture attached) 2. When you're using 'switch node' the active connection is shown as a solid line while inactive as a dotted line, but in 4k they both look the same. 3. If the handle of any horizontal slider is at the far left position it is almost impossible to click/drag it. 4k.zip
  15. about parallel processing in VEX

    Thanks for the explanations!