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  1. Hi, something happened to my heightfields(or Houdini) now I see them as flat rectangles with displacement texture. (I can see my heightfield/terrain in 'no_lights', but if I switch to any other light mode it is flat) How can I undo that? ps: If I convert it by 'Heightfield_Convert' it works though
  2. @anim Thanks! I have no idea where to look for it or what could be the name of that thing
  3. Hi, is there a hotkey for removing a node from the network? I mean that violent shaking action
  4. Hi, is there a hotkey for removing a node from the network? I mean that violent shaking action
  5. stoopid me if(@c1<0.3) { removeprim(0, @primnum, 1); }
  6. Unlock the handles

    Try to put $CEX $CEY $CEZ in pivot's Translate of your Transform node it centers the transformation origin (and the handle)
  7. @MilesS1 Thanks, but that was not quite what I was looking for, in your solution the transfer happens only IF frame == 1
  8. @Milad Savar, @davpe Thank you, it works! It is sort of mind-bending at first glance but I will try to get used to it
  9. Hi, you can use different meshes for collision and for render if you need to. vellum_cloth_a.hipnc
  10. Hi, I want to transfer an attribute to an animated object, but I want the transfer to happen just once at frame 1 and not at every frame. Can I do that? I know that in this particular case I can simply put transform node at the end of the chain and that would be it, but I'm looking for a more universal solution. Also, can I make the 'remesh_SOP' to remesh the geometry just once, because by default it remeshes whenever any position change happens? attr_tr_q.hipnc
  11. @konstantin magnus Thanks! I thought that I have to declare the type of the attribute only once when I initialize it and after that I can access it by @name For no reason. I just thought that they should work in the same way, so when I got different results I was puzzled.
  12. Thanks, guys! I tried to re-work it to be able to run on 'detail' and for some reason it doesn't work. Could you please explain why the left_one(in the file attached) doesn't work (they should work the same am I wrong)? facing_q2.hipnc
  13. Hi, I have several meshes and a point and I would like to find primitives/points, the normals of which are directed to that point. To make it so I want to get vectors (and store them as an attribute) from that point to each of the points of these meshes and then compare them to its normals. But the first part doesn't work as I expected, what am I doing wrong? Or should it be done in a different way? facing_to_q.hipnc
  14. I had no idea that you can just connect any geometry to the 'dopimport' node and play simulation data on that object