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  1. Differential curve growth

    Ok now I'm trying to constrain the growth within a letter but also copy it over multiple scattered points on the letter. It seems to work fine except on the for each, it translates all primitives instead of having the 3 groups starting from the origin. I can't really visualize how I could achieve this, I tried to have the copy to points before the copy/transform but the scale is relative to the SOP centroid. loopcopy to points.hipnc
  2. Differential curve growth

    Super cool!!
  3. Differential curve growth

    Yeah in the transform, that shows how limited is my knowledge. Thanks so much for your time I will dig more on this
  4. Differential curve growth

    Awesome thanks so much! I was pretty close, even though I'm not sure I've could have been able to figure it out. May I ask the meaning of that expression?
  5. Differential curve growth

    Haha sorry for that, thanks for checking out!
  6. Differential curve growth

    Here is the file, really nothing much more than the entagma tutorial. I've only been able to duplicate a all the instances instead of 1 at a time diff line growth copy.hipnc
  7. Differential curve growth

    Hey guys, I very new to Houdini and was messing around with the differential line growth tutorial from Entagma. Instead of using a single circle I used a copy and transform node to have that growth relative between multiple clones, then after the solver I want to translate each primitive on the z axis. I have been able to achieve it manually but it's just the opposite of what houdini is cool for, so I tried the for each loop trying to translate each primitive by increment but it didn't work. I'm sure it's very easy that I am missing because of my lack of knowledge but should be for sure piece of cake for most of you. Cheers!