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  1. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    For groom/hair : - Replace the "recache stroke" on the guide groom who is been deleted by H19 - Have more option in sort SOP to re order points who come from a group like "root". With that, we can import curve with bad num point and convert them in a guide. It's user friendly For VEX : - Have a window that opens while we write and that will offer us vocabulary based on what has already been written. A bit like "Atom" for python For ROP/LOP : - As mentioned above, having an XPU that is no longer in beta - Often depending on the rendering engine you have to promote attributes or groups so that third-party software can read them. Maybe it would be interesting to have export presets depending on the software/engine - For karma, having an AOV that tells us which rendering areas have the most noise/flickering and in which AOV the problems lie. Clarisse has this kind of thing that allows us to precisely target her object and that her AOV generates noise and flickering For DOP : - With Embergen I tell myself that we can push the calculation times of smoke/fire simulations even further. Houdini allows us to have a lot of control over our simulations, but it remains relatively long. While Embergen is a toy over which we have little control but which is in real time. So improving the calculation times in Houdini to get closer to real time does not seem impossible to me? - In the same way as the SOP pyrosolver, have a sop RBDsolver which contains the simulation of RBD, debris and smoke - Make cloth simulations a bit more user-friendly. For the moment a lot of production remains on Maya or Marvelous because it is easier to use and above all the sups know the Ncloth. Making the cloth more "simple" to use will allow a transition between the two software Modeling : - integrate a "sculpt" module a bit like blender Extra : - The ability to make 2D and make it almost real time. Currently I also do FX2D, and I use Houdini simulations. I would like to avoid leaving the software to go to Toonboom or Adobe Animate. So if we can have the grease-pencil of Blender in Houdini version it would be crazy
  2. Disappearance of object, striped node

    Beast and deep moron that I am, I put the anim of my geometry in cache, recording the different frames on my desk ... I then moved the files so that it was better tidy, the problem was there, He could not find the files !!
  3. Hello everyone,I encounter a problem, I load an object in my scene. I noticed that my shift in the viewer did focus my object, so I searched on the sidefx helpers (I link the url) "http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/view [www.sidefx.com] “The solution I could find was the ”space + G".He walked once.Arrived at a certain level of my work, I had to use the procedure previously done.I come to my big problem.My object disappeared, leaving room for red stripes on my node geometry. I can not find where the error came from … it is not for want of having tried yet. Do you have solutions? I link you my project and the picture of the problem.Thank you in advance Pyro Smoke_v03.hip