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  1. Check this out guys: The bumps on top of the tentacle are done with displacement. In fact the same displacement map across the tentacle. How can it be, that the amount of displacement seems to be inverse to the thickness of the geometry? I would expect the displacement to be uniform across the geometry, regardless of the geometry on which it sits? Can anybody make sense of this for me, please?
  2. Noise in glass materials?

    Hello folks, So... rendering glass in Mantra. (For me at least) It seems to be quite a noisy affair. I first used the glass shaders in the material library, but putting together a minimal shader with material builder (a PBR glass node: reflect 0, refract 1, roughness 0.2, IOR 1.05; a PBR reflect node: reflect 1; refract 0, roughness 0.1 and IOR 1.5) reduced the noise a lot. But... I still have a fair bit of noise in my indirect refraction and direct reflect layers. Increasing values in in my Mantra render node of course improves things, but not nearly as much as I'd expect for the hit in render times. Any suggestions as I tinker with this?
  3. Bumping this. I'd love to know this as well. If it is a feature at all...
  4. As I understand it, stylesheets give you the opportunity to have multiple conditions per override. I have basically organised my stylesheet with a material per override and then I add in the material assignments per geometry with conditions. However, I have geometry that drops out and renders default grey if I have multiple conditions on the same override. Does that sound familiar? Am I doing stylesheets wrong?
  5. Substance Painter to Principled Shader

    So far, it looks like it is a colour space issue.
  6. Do any of you experience with replicating 1 to 1 the look you have in Substance Painter in Houdini 16 using the Principled Shader? The PBR metal/rough workflow with the metallic and roughness maps seems to be straight forward, but plugging in my maps from Substance Painter as is, produces a render that is much darker than what I have in Substance Painter. Perhaps the colour space is off?
  7. Mantra render trouble

    Sorry. Nothing to see here. I realise now that these are preview render artefacts. D'oh!
  8. Mantra render trouble

    Look at my render here... Notice I have these funny effects where some render buckets appear to not have finished rendering. I have pasted in my mantra settings to the right top and bottom. What is causing these render anomalies?
  9. Recreating "Overlay" blendmode in /mat nodegraph?

    Thanks eetu. Inspecting it now. No Overlay - but Softlight, which will do nicely. Thank you!
  10. A simple question perhaps - I am getting my head around the nodes representing "blend modes" in a shader: One of the most useful blend modes in Photoshop, Mari etc. is Overlay. How do you guys recreate "Overlay" in a node graph where you only have Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide?
  11. uniform volume material to create fog

    Works like a charm. Thanks so much bran_daid!
  12. image adjustments to textures in /mat

    Thanks for the overview davpe!
  13. I am adding the uniformvolume material to my geometry to get simple and quick fog. Works like a charm (the green example at the top). Why I get the enable dispmap warning, I do not know - displacement is not enabled. Now, if I plug in some more detailed colour information (bottom sample), the fog disappears completely. What am I doing wrong here? Plugging into the colour input is just one example. It seems this material doesn't like to get any inputs. That can't be right?
  14. How To ?.. Export A Shop Shader...

    But... if you have to do it between computers?