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  1. How to planarize dual mesh primitive ?

    Dear mestela thank you for your advice. I found one solution by blender. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/48/what-is-the-simplest-way-to-generate-a-dodecahedron is there anyway in houdini ? below steps are came from above reference link. ① select all the vertices in the center of each pentagon. → ② Dissolve Vertices to get rid of them → ③ Limited Dissolve(bt angle)
  2. How to planarize dual mesh primitive ?

    Dear mestela thank you solution. i see , use "facet / make planar " it is easy way! very helpful. I want to keep each points connected .Is it possible to make planar like below link? If we accept edge and geometry shape will be changed a little bit , then we can make planar?? or there is other solution ?
  3. Hi, ALL I would like ask you that how i can planarize dual mesh primitive. i made attached image and hip file model. the dual mesh (attached image's random color primitives) are not planar. so i want to planarize those primitive. dose anyone know how to do it ? thank you. primitive_planar.hip