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  1. I wanto remesh to developable surface like below image. Is there way to do it?? tes.obj
  2. uv coordinate

    @j00ey Thank you help and data. UV to vertices , I see!! This is what i want. Thanks again!!
  3. uv coordinate

    Is there way to map uv coordinate to subdivided model? left model has uv coordinate , and this prim is quadsMesh and unique points. I want apply left model uv to right model(subdivided / fused pts). Q1.hipnc tes.obj
  4. polysplit bad result

    Thank you feed back. resample make sometime good result , but sometime bad result. if set length below , same problem happen. I wanna find versatile solution , because next step I want to apply many polypaths .
  5. polysplit bad result

    @Librarian What do you mean?
  6. polysplit bad result

    I want to split mesh(main.obj) with polypath(cut.obj) . bad result happened. Dose anyone know why this happened? Please find attached file. Thank you. cut.obj main.obj Q2.hipnc
  7. split mesh by polylines

    @Librarian thank you for advice. I see your file, but fuse unique point makes separated piece as primtive. I want to keep piece . Qmaybe_2.hipnc
  8. split mesh by polylines

    by edgefracture , bad result !! Dose anyone has creative idea??
  9. split mesh by polylines

    edgefracture follow mesh,but i wanna split with polyline.
  10. split mesh by polylines

    I tried to split mesh by cutting polylines. but some group could not be split . this is mesh. this is cutting polylines. using polysplit each polylines. and get edge group. and try to separate points by edge group. but some group could not be splitl. Which point i made mistake? Q.hipnc cloth cutline
  11. join polyline

    Dear anim Thank you, that is what i want!!
  12. join polyline

    there are separated polyline (i meas separated as each primtives). how to join connected polyline to 1 primtive ? "fuse" is just fuse point. not effect to primtives. I've attached sample cache file. tes
  13. How to planarize dual mesh primitive ?

    Dear mestela thank you for your advice. I found one solution by blender. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/48/what-is-the-simplest-way-to-generate-a-dodecahedron is there anyway in houdini ? below steps are came from above reference link. ① select all the vertices in the center of each pentagon. → ② Dissolve Vertices to get rid of them → ③ Limited Dissolve(bt angle)
  14. How to planarize dual mesh primitive ?

    Dear mestela thank you solution. i see , use "facet / make planar " it is easy way! very helpful. I want to keep each points connected .Is it possible to make planar like below link? If we accept edge and geometry shape will be changed a little bit , then we can make planar?? or there is other solution ?
  15. Hi, ALL I would like ask you that how i can planarize dual mesh primitive. i made attached image and hip file model. the dual mesh (attached image's random color primitives) are not planar. so i want to planarize those primitive. dose anyone know how to do it ? thank you. primitive_planar.hip