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  1. About "POP Axxis Force" I just set center position from input 1 point. Dose anyone know hot to set this? My vex code is error.
  2. I've made custom aovs as "ao" Then how to apply this ao to beauty ?? I've attached test file. Thank you.
  3. Dear nuki Thank you advice. You are right , uv is over 0-1. so , fixed ad type : polygonmesh , and adjust uv 0-1 , it went well. Thank you good solution!!
  4. 1 st step , render geometry with polar projection. 2 step , map to 1st step texture to sphere. then ,near y axis texture is broken . If i changed sphere resolution to higher , still bad result. Dose anyone know solution ?? or this detail is limit of Houdini algorithm (projection and mapping ) ??? I've attached test fip file. Thank you. 1_tes.hiplc
  5. I tried use The Marmoset Toolbag . Quick test is fine. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/game-tools-marmoset-toolbag-rop/ Next step , i want to change shader color by point attribute "Cd". But it dose not work well in The Marmoset Toolbag viewer. Please find attached fie. I used The Marmoset Toolbag 4. Thank you. in The Marmoset Toolbag , just white color ,,,,,,, 2_multiColor.hiplc
  6. vellum string setting bend angle

    It was solved by using prim ID.
  7. I want to set quad corner's bend angle to 90° for vellum string constraint. Is there way to find which constraint is quad corner ? Finally i want to apply other complicated mesh , so it is better generic way , not for just simple grid .
  8. polysplit issue

    Oh , thank you , it worked well. "connectivity" is very useful!! Yes ,curve and tolerance are setting very sensitive! When i resampled curve , 0 tolerance wrked well ....
  9. polysplit issue

    I tried split mesh by curves. Using polysplit. But it dose not work well. Is there good way to do it well ?? I've attached test file. But some piece dose not making separated piece. curves mesh Q_split.hiplc
  10. findshortest path problem

    I see , it worked !! Thank you!!
  11. findshortest path problem

    Why in this situation dose not make shortest path ? This one is fine. But just changed end point , dose not make path. I've attached test file.Thank you. Q.hiplc tes
  12. do u get any solution in redshift?
  13. Dose anyone know how to set up AO(ambient occlusion) in redshift???
  14. Lens shader dosenot work on redshift . It works on mantra. Is there any setting when i use lens shader in redshift ?? Below render is by mantra.It works well. I just use projection type "lens shader" , and use default asadlens. below render by redshift. ASAD lens projection type is polar (same as matra render) type , but result is not correct. It seems redshift dose not render this lens shader. I've attached this file. Thank you. Q.hiplc
  15. Uv textuer's camera projection donot work well. Dose anyone know way to fix?? Q.hiplc
  16. uvtexture camera preojection

    Dear eimk Oh ,i did not know mesh resolution effect result so much !! Thank you for your kindness.
  17. redshift ambient occlusion

    Dear Sepu Thank you. Now i get AO image. So finally , how to combine AO and beauty image??
  18. redshift ambient occlusion

    Noone knows the way ao setting in this community?] ??
  19. too slow redshift rendering

    Dear Sepu Oh , Cuda is for GPGU ?! I checked it , and It's over 90% !! Thank you!!
  20. While rendering , CPU is only used 10%......... Is there needed specific setting ??
  21. too slow redshift rendering

    ok,then why gpu just work 5%? is there any setting to raise rendering speed?
  22. redshift ambient occlusion

    Thank you advice. Is this network correct ?? Rendering image dose not change..... When i use GI , geometry corner be unclear , so i thought if add AO will be good image. 1_ this is default image. 2 with GI image. corner be unclear. *Attached file is this test file. tes.hiplc
  23. I wanto remesh to developable surface like below image. Is there way to do it?? tes.obj
  24. uv coordinate

    @j00ey Thank you help and data. UV to vertices , I see!! This is what i want. Thanks again!!
  25. uv coordinate

    Is there way to map uv coordinate to subdivided model? left model has uv coordinate , and this prim is quadsMesh and unique points. I want apply left model uv to right model(subdivided / fused pts). Q1.hipnc tes.obj