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  1. Circles between two curves

    Here in this video the guy helped me with my task. Maybe it's not quite right, but it solves my problem.
  2. Circles between two curves

    jkunz07, I apologize for my bad English.
  3. Circles between two curves

    jkunz07, this does not solve my problem. Circles should be perfect. It may be easier if instead of circles there are spheres. This will also be acceptable for me.
  4. Circles between two curves

    No, circles do not deform. This is such an angle, because the curves of double curvature are located in 3D, and not in the plane. Here is the solution of this problem in Grasshopper. Maybe it will help to realize this in Houdini. http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/cycle-operations-in-gh
  5. Circles between two curves

    If I understand correctly, in your case the circles will intersect. I need that the circles do not intersect, but only touch each other. I see the solution of this problem to construct a circle by three tangents to curves. But what algorithm I should not know.
  6. Circles between two curves

    I do not really understand how this way radii of circles will be built in between two curves. Could you show an example of an algorithm?
  7. There are two curves of double curvature. How to place circles between them?
  8. Added attribute visualizer. How to round a number so that only two characters are displayed after the comma? It was so 12.3256677. It is necessary to become so 12.33
  9. Rows to columns

    Many thanks! That's exactly what I wanted. I was also advised to use the Transpose node. Can you know how you can apply it for this task?
  10. Rows to columns

    Sort Node gives the wrong result. I do not need to shift the indexes, but rotate them 90 degrees. Node Sort works well with Grid, you can specify which axis to build columns, but for the torus it does not fit. I think that this can be implemented in the VOP. But I do not know.
  11. Rows to columns

    I'm still a novice in Houdini. Help me understand how to swap the rows and columns of primitive indices. It is necessary that I can rotate the indexes, as shown in blue.