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  1. CurlNoise + Vex Help :(

    Hi! Thank you so much for your help! I copied this code but I wasn't capable of making it work properly, should I just copy and paste? looking forward to seeing this in action. Thank you again so much!
  2. CurlNoise + Vex Help :(

    Wow, thank you so much for the help! I ended up doing something similar just using a mountain node and i think i managed to do almost exactly what i wanted but i still looking how to loop it. I'm trying the blendshape node for that. I tried this vex and loved the result! I didn't know about the extended noise functions, thank you again!
  3. CurlNoise + Vex Help :(

    Hi there! Houdini noob here ^^ Some days ago I found this image on the internet and I really liked it so I thought about trying to replicate it but maybe animating it hehe to me it seemed like it could be made using curl noise fields so I followed the entagma's vex 101 tutorial and I manage to make this little animation as a test, and I really liked it. I think is pretty close to the image, BUT i have 2 issues with it that i don't really know how to fix or adjust a little, so i was wondering is maybe some of you guys could help me a bit or at least guide me to the right path. https://imgur.com/a/wyg2zMS First: Looping it, is it possible to loop The curlnoise or the curlxnoise? Or is there any other noise function that would produce a similar result but easier to loop Second: Is there any way to soften the curlnoise behavior in these spots? https://imgur.com/a/rLB40Hf My best idea so far i just placing the camera in a place where these intersections aren't in frame haha but would love to know if it's possible at least to make those somewhat less dramatic? CurlNoiseTest_v1.hip
  4. Ideas to achieve this effect

    Hi, thank you so much for the response, ill try to do it this way, but it sounds pretty good to me, ill let you know if it works, but thank you again for the help
  5. Ideas to achieve this effect

    Hi im learning houdini and a few days ago I found this and I really wanted to create something like it using Houdini, the problem is that I don't really found a way to do it and I'm kinda frustrated, my first idea was to scatter points on the base geometry and then copy to points a grid, but then I'm not sure if that could work or how to make a cloth sim for the grid which should be colliding with each other, idk maybe is easier that I think and im completely in the wrong path haha if someone can guide me a little bit on this little quest ill be beyond grateful. .