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  1. You would think that i never tried figuring this out myself...
  2. excellent. And that leads me to another question. Is there a way, or what's the best way, to do a reverse 'collapse selected into Subnet'?
  3. I'd like to clean up my network panel using subnetwork nodes. How do you insert existing objs into a new subnet node? I can't just cut and paste the objs because it's a series of bones which lose their weighting from the model, if I do that. Is there a way to select a group of objs and say, "make selected a subnetwork"? If there was, that would be awesome.
  4. making an .avi

    nevermind. i tried just going to the windows cmd, but i guess you actually have to using Houdini's Command Line Tools before the csh etc...
  5. making an .avi

    ahhhhh man. so, it works once, now i try again and i get an application error. The instruction at "0x00434b46" referenced memory at "0x0013b000". The memory could not be "written". What the heck.
  6. making an .avi

    holy moly. that worked. but i don't know why. Is there any documentation on the Cshell? or command line tools? Thanks alot d!
  7. making an .avi

    if i have files 1.picnc to 100.picnc and i want to make an .avi, what in the following line is wrong mcp -v C:\*.picnc -o C:\new.avi assuming the .picnc files are in the root, and mcp is executed correctly.
  8. Apprentice-Problem

    i have the identical problem, and the only thing i have narrowed it down to so far is that if i use MATs it doesn't save properly. So far, as long as I don't use MATs my file saves properly. no friggin idea why
  9. ramp

    ok, i've avoided vops for too long. time to dive in.
  10. ramp

    woaw! isn't there any easier way to do this than to use a function? All i want to do is apply a Ramp from the cop2 to a surface of a sphere. I did this with a Ramp from the old COPs section and then i'd apply it to the 'texture map' TOP inside of a Constant Material. I don't know how to do this otherwise and i'm having problems with using Materials. I figured there would be an easier, or equally easy way to do this with the COP2 because if COPs are going to be phased out, shouldn't COP2s be better and easier to use?
  11. ramp

    how do you apply a ramp from cop2 onto a surface of geometry. I know how to do it with the ramp in cop, but I'm having problems using materials, so i can't go that route.
  12. files not saving properly

    i think my problem was that my HOUDINI_COPTOPMAT variable was in the wrong place.
  13. fatal error

    Every time I close Houdini I get the following error: Fatal Error: data saved to C:/DOCUME~1/tom/LOCALS~1/Temp/tom.hip and then in the Houdini Console i get: Fatal error: Illegal instruction Saving application data to C:/DOCUME~1/tom/LOCALS~1/Temp/tom.hip So, does anyone know possible causes of this?
  14. I'm animating a ball rolling and i'm using the vex coloured marble shader on it, but even though the ball is rotating (you can see it rotate in wireframe mode), when rendered, the shader renders exactly the same as if the ball isn't even rotating. Can you lock the position of the shader so that it changes according to the position of the geometry?