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  1. Control parameter with Color attribute

    Hi Irakli! Ah! thinking I was sooooo close to the solution... surely the kind of thing I will laugh at in a few months! Anyway thank you for taking time to check it!
  2. Control parameter with Color attribute

    Hi, this must be a very simple thing but I'm hitting the wall for days now and I'm starting to get lost between several solutions. I am transfering colors from a sphere to another one and want to control whatever parameter of a node with color values, say black = 0 and white = 1. I've followed several tutorials where i learned to do it with a copy SOP or with the local attributes of the polyextrude node (distance scale for exemple) but I can't figure out how to control any other parameters with the same method. In this exemple (attached) I'd like to control my digital asset Distance parameter (I know i could do it by diving into the digital asset and assign the attribute to the polyextrude distance scale but I'd want to learn how to do it for whatever paramater. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks Houdini_Attribute_Transfer.hiplc
  3. Ripple digital asset in cinema 4D

    I resolved it For those of you whom have the same problem, the digital asset MUST be built at the object level, mine was in a geo node.
  4. Ripple digital asset in cinema 4D

    One more thing, i also wanted to have control on the ripple_center0 center attributes in order to be able to reposition the ripple center in C4D but can't make it move inside Houdini.
  5. Hi! I'm having a problem with a digital asset built in Houdini 15.5.480 and imported in C4D 18. When I load the asset in C4D the object input doesn't show, every other parameters just load correctly. I've tested the asset in houdini 15.5.480 and 16 and it's working fine. To make the asset I've followed the tutorial by entagma: https://vimeo.com/195171402 The strange thing is I already built an asset in H16 for importing in c4d and it worked fine. ripple_tool.hiplc Ripple_tool.hdalc
  6. Hey thanks Jeff! that's a clever solution, the problem is that the extrusion is a little funky now, it doesn't extrude along normals since it's trying to interpolate points based on the color amount. hopefully there's an easier way to do it with Vex...
  7. Hi! I'm still new to houdini and thanks to some good tutorials and some kind people I'm starting having fun with it I've created a digital asset with a primitive object being extruded with color attribute, everything is working fine. Now I want to be able to control the thickness scale with the color attribute the same way it's working with the distance parameter (with local attributes). > When not contaminated by color the value should remain 1 >when contaminated the value should decrease but I would need to still be able to control the amount of thickness scale (between 0 and 1). I'm not sure what would be the process for this, I tried to set an attribute create named thickness and putting $CR in the value but it seems it's not the way it should be done. extrude_falloff.hipnc.hiplc
  8. Polyextrude with falloff object

    Hey thanks! I'll analyse what was wrong with my setup! cheers
  9. Polyextrude with falloff object

    Hi, i'm trying to have my polyextrude distance controled by a falloff object. The falloff object have a red color node and I've followed Rohan Dalvi's tutorial about attributes and polyextrude: https://vimeo.com/149640497 I'm kind of stucked here, the red color is correctly to tranfered to the extruded object, I'm setting an attribute create named "x" just before the polyextrude node and put x in the distance scale but it doesn't work. This must be a newbie mistake but i would very appreciate if someone could point me to the solution! Thanks extrude_falloff.hipnc
  10. Triangle polygon morph animation to fractal

    Hi, I've been looking forward doing the same king of effect... here are some few other examples of what I'm trying to achieve: https://instagram.flpb3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t50.2886-16/15117979_1258763390853435_5107491360835895296_n.mp4 https://instagram.flpb3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t50.2886-16/15151929_1779671395620374_2157954507684708352_n.mp4 I'm really new to Houdini and I've started following some few tutorials by Entagma or the learning paths on SideFx website to get started but anything that could bring me on the track to do this kind of mandalas / fractals / kaleidoscope, any good tutorial (free or not) or advice would be welcome! thanks in advance