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  1. This is probably a simple question, but I cannot figure out how to grab a array detail attribute from /obj in my COP Snippet. I am trying to render an image where each pixel contains part of my detail attrib array, as follows: int test_array[] = detail("op:/obj/oinkster", "test_array"); R = G = B = test_array[1]; This is all inside of a VOP COP2 Generator... Where am I going wrong?
  2. Making tidal wave

    Can you use intersection analysis SOP? You can also use Boolean in seams or detect mode. Seams is the slowest of the lot, but the most accurate.
  3. Mantra rendering statistics

    I also don't get console when I render to disk in background... only when I render to disk or render to mplay. I thiiiiiink that's because the -o consolewait flag doesn't get passed along to hbatch. If you look at the tooltip for Command under the Driver tab it says "This will be disabled if the IFD file is saved to disk." Probably the easiest way to get logs from background renders is to not use the GUI: http://www.deborahrfowler.com/HoudiniResources/Overview-CommandLineRendering.html https://houdinitricks.com/command-line-rendering-in-houdini/
  4. Chicken dinner! Was curious specifically if it were possible with Object Merge but that is good to know!
  5. Is there any way to keep motion blur on the individual cameras feeding into a switcher camera, but avoid the crazy artifacts that happen when it blurs between disjoint camera positions?
  6. drag force makes my simulation explode

    Just ran into this today, thanks much for the wrangle workaround. I wonder what it is that causes Drag DOP to make sims explode?
  7. Nice! Thanks! Is this also possible with fluid visualizations, for example the "Visualization" data underneath vel in Pyro? I don't get an error in my object merge but I also don't have anything visible.
  8. I'm making a rope bridge setup in RBD, and I just got a somewhat ungogleable error. Was curious what this could mean: "Unable to diagonalize the inertial tensor for glued chunk" The error is from the Bullet Solver DOP. I've attached HIP if anybody has any ideas would love to hear them! nr_bridge.hiplc
  9. Sweet! That is closer than I was before, thank you so much. It doesn't seem to work when constraints break though -- for example I'm doing chains with hard constraints and breaking them mid-simulation. How would I take the topology change into account with your solution?
  10. Alternative to Assembly SOP

    See this thread:
  11. Alternative to Assembly SOP

    It is an HDA, so you can just dig inside and delete the parts you don't need. I don't think this is the intent of your question but to be pedantic... you can technically use both Bullet and RBD in a non-packed form. There are certain things that affords you, like volume-based collisions instead of Bullet's convex hulls. You can also do coupled sims between the RBD solver and the wire solver. The packed Bullet workflow was introduced in H13 if you want to look up the masterclass.
  12. Bullet - Increasing Glue Strengths lower Impacts?

    Did you ever learn more about this? I'm also trying to wrap my head around how exactly glue/impacts/propagationiterates play with each other.
  13. i am also having the same exact problem... is there any way to grab the animated constraint geo from DOPs into SOPs?
  14. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    pattern mania, so good!
  15. Breaking Glue Constraints - Bullet?

    Kind of a pedantic question related to glue -- is "impact" a force or an impulse? Can't seem to find the units... I assume it is the sum of magnitude of linear/angular forces needed to counteract collision forces. (I'm trying to use anim suggestion and break glue constraints based on nearby hard constraints torque)