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  1. Hi! I am interested in acquiring some material libraries to learn more about shading. I'm looking for something akin to LollipopShaders for PRMan, except for Mantra. Does anybody know of any good free or paid material packs? I have already dug around in the 16.0 material library, have not updated to 16.5 to see if there are any new materials. Thanks!
  2. I want to spawn some particles (rendered as sprites) and have their entire quad drawn every time -- even if it the quad is intersecting with other scene geometry! Is this possible? I have done this in OpenGL where I just disable depth testing before I draw my particle system but I couldn't find any option like that in either the POP nodes or the shaders. One terrible option would be to render every frame twice, once with the scene geometry disabled and one with the particles disabled and then composite them on top of each other... but that can't be the correct answer. I want to do this because I am trying to recreate the kirakira filter on iOS which overlays the image with jumbo starburst sprites to simulate a combination of glints and diffraction spikes hitting a lens. intersecting_sprites
  3. kirakira popnet

    No, sorry! I am new to Houdini but have a background in OpenGL, maybe I should have kept that to myself! I am curious how to do this with Mantra.
  4. kirakira popnet

    Hey gang! I was curious how one would recreate something like the kirakira sparkle filter in Houdini. It looks like this: https://www.glamour.com/story/kirakira-sparkle-filter-app I know how I would do it in OpenGL, basically threshold the video frame then use the brightest pixels to emit a simple billboarded quad... (although I'm not sure why lights don't emit sparkles but that is besides the point). How would one use Houdini to do a similar effect? I have not worked with video data yet... the first thing I thought of was using COPS to get pixel information but it seems like COPS would have to shoot data back up the pipeline to emit some new geometry in the particle system. Maybe there is some sort of way to call POP.emit from COPS vex? I wonder if the workflow would be the same in Nuke, you would still have to go from screenspace pixel data back up to worldspace geometric data to emit the particle. Also, this is semi-related, but I was trying to get my particles to display a lens flare texture... what is the point of the POP Sprite node? It seems like I am able to assign a texture map just fine by using the Mantra Classic Shader material with "emissive" enabled to read from a map. What is the usual way that POP particles render as camera-facing billboarded quads?