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  1. i am also having the same exact problem... is there any way to grab the animated constraint geo from DOPs into SOPs?
  2. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    pattern mania, so good!
  3. Breaking Glue Constraints - Bullet?

    Kind of a pedantic question related to glue -- is "impact" a force or an impulse? Can't seem to find the units... I assume it is the sum of magnitude of linear/angular forces needed to counteract collision forces. (I'm trying to use anim suggestion and break glue constraints based on nearby hard constraints torque)
  4. Timeline markers?

    This was one of the first things I looked for when animating in Hou, I came from FCPX where I would throw down markers willy-nilly as sort of like "TODO" markers or just points of interest when showing a clip. I think a good halfway point between selecting and keyframing a NULL and a whole new built-in feature is to write a Python snippet that sets a keyframe on your null whether or not it is selected and then bind that Python snippet to a hotkey.
  5. Breaking Glue Constraints - Bullet?

    Does that work for glue constraints as well? I thought glue constraints could only be broken by "impact" which in turn could only be imparted by a collision constraint (aka something hitting it).
  6. Haha, I didn't even consider that! Seems costly though, as the object will still participate in the render. This is kinda crazy, thinking about solving it videogame style where to make an object disappear you set its position to (MAXINT, MAXINT, MAXINT). More seriously, I guess I can object merge RENDER_* and then have a Python SOP go through and remove objects... or something? I just assumed there was a built-in way to handle this situation where you only want to merge in visible objects.
  7. I'm doing some simple animation of visibility but I'm running into some akward situations which means I am probably doing it wrong. Originally I was animating visibility at the object level... but I am also object merging everything into one final object node for just-before-rendertime cleanup (Fuse SOP, Clean SOP). It seems like there isn't an option on Object Merge SOP to only merge in visible objects. The other odd thing is that I like to animate with the data tree set to "Object Visibility" so I can quickly solo the objects I am animating. However, this seems to conflict with the object-level visibility flag such that it won't let me force visible something that is keyframed to be not visible that frame. What I am resorting to now is setting object visibility at the SOP level with Switch SOPs and NULL SOPs but it feels wrong because I have to dive in and out of networks to understand what's happening instead of just glancing at curves in the animation editor. I'm sure this is a simple thing, and I'm just not thinking about it right. Any advice would be appreciated! Specifically, what is the best way to animate visibility but also be able to Object Merge things and generally have a tidy workflow.
  8. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Yeah I know, but by the time I am looking at the file name and realize it it going to take forever to open I have to cancel out of the open dialog, hit my hotkey for manual mode then bring up the open dialog again and open the hip file... definitely a lazy person request!
  9. This must be a really basic question, but I can't figure it out. For number of nodes in a network I typically just select all (Ctrl-A) and the status bar tells me how many nodes were copied. I tried the same trick on the Animation Editor hoping to see how many keyframes are in my curves but no bueno. How can I see how many keyframes are set on a channel?
  10. Cellular structures in fire

    I think there used to be a masterclass that discussed the DSD nodes, but it was since taken down. Here are the notes from that masterclass: http://slideplayer.com/slide/11347899/ (Edit: not saying that is required for whatever look in fire, I just like Houdini archaeology)
  11. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I wish there was a checkbox to open a new HIP file with update set to manual, same as using -n at the command line. I also wish I could micro-tweak numerical parms with the up and down arrows like in Nuke. Ladder is cool, inertial scroll is cool (but only exists on trackpads) up and down arrows would be mega-cool. Also, let OpenGL ROP run in background so it doesn't feel left out from all the other ROPs. Also, match the shade of green used for a keyframe in the timeline with the shade of green on the "next keyframe" button. Don't know why that bugs me but it does! Let us define structs in vex wrangles instead of having to pull in an external .h file. And for the love of god, remap default behavior of "Q" key to be bypass in both the node editor AND the viewport. I am constantly A/B-ing nodes and then I accidentally drift my mouse over into the viewport and I start repeating the last operation. It is infuriating! I know I can remap but when helping other people out on a vanilla install it is the key mapping that bugs me the most. Box zoom in ortho viewports, not just perspective viewports.
  12. Fractal Flame

    nice color work!
  13. Is there a way to get a list of the most recently opened HIP files in Python? I am trying to set up my home Houdini install to auto-open the most recent file when I start it fresh...
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    built-in SciPy, faster more stable COPs and some love for ortho view (box zoom and rotate canvas like PS) shortcuts to change brush tool size and opacity would also be nice
  15. Ack, I have the same problem! Going to submit a bug...