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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    built-in SciPy, faster more stable COPs and some love for ortho view (box zoom and rotate canvas like PS) shortcuts to change brush tool size and opacity would also be nice
  2. Ack, I have the same problem! Going to submit a bug...
  3. My first Houdini video was Pyro Tips & Tricks (H16), but I soon thereafter mainlined all the Wagners... Thanks for being such a great teacher to students around the world!
  4. I feel like I am missing something basic here -- I have a 2D pointcloud of a foot and I need a smooth 2D outline of it. Shrinkwrap SOP and friends turn it into a convex shape which is no bueno and Triangulate 2D SOP also creates edges that ruins the 2D pointcloud silhouette. I thought maybe the Fit SOP would do it for me but I don't know how to give it just the silhouette points of the pointcloud. I also have some ideas about using volumes and booleans to achieve this but I swear I've seen this done with simple point and triangle SOPs before. Any ideas? Screenie and HIP attached. nr_foot_outline.hip
  5. Snap transform handle to component

    Just chiming in that this is really great and quick... I haven't used any handle alignment slash C-Plane stuff yet so this so-called ' ; ' work flow is my gateway drug! And yeah, definitely works fine with using the M key to cycle through worldspace/objectspace/componentspace/screenspace and the Y key for the different handle types.
  6. Krakatoa type effect with POP in Mantra

    Sorry to necro, but what did you end up doing? I'm currently trying to figure out if Mantra running in non-raytrace mode actually rasterizes every point to the framebuffer like Krakatoa/UE4/Unity.
  7. Not a video, but if you are just starting out Houdini Foundations might be worth a read: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-foundations-book/ EDIT: And here is one specifically targeting SI exes: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/softimage-to-houdini-transition-guide/
  8. Fragrance FX spot

    Nice~ exploding gems and flowers are a great combo. Was the reassembly gag a RBD fracture played backwards?
  9. Renderman 22.5 for Houdini - Released

    Yeah, the free (NCR) version was released at the same time as the real version. I only rendered some at-home fun stuff though, nothing real!
  10. Renderman 22.5 for Houdini - Released

    It is nice! Just as fast as 22.X in Katana so far...
  11. Lens Distortion in COP

    Yeah! This company sells such a shader for Mantra: https://www.keller.io/houldpk/ And here is an example on writing your own lens shaders: http://mattebb.com/blog/weblog/houdini-fisheye-camera/
  12. Procedural textures workflow

    Check out "Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach" by Ebert! Also, any book full of tutorials on natural materials should be helpful. I like "Blender Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook" by Valenza. Also don't forget about non-CG books about pattern implying (same problem, you are conveying the sense of the pattern without building the thing out of the pattern) like Gupta's "Rendering in Pen and Ink" and Scott Robertson's "How to Render". Both have chapters on specific materials.
  13. Material Assignment best practices

    this video is for katana, but pretty sure everything they do here can be accomplished with material style sheets... nice pipeline for lotsa buildings with overrides
  14. This is a rookie question, but I have been making a lot of math-ey shapes with VEX Volume Procedurals (and before that Volume Wrangles) but I am realizing that a lot of my experiments aren't even using lighting at all... so I want to try just doing my raymarching of the volume in the shader itself and simply render to a plane. I have two questions about this -- first when I render, how should I fit my camera to the plane? Ideally, I would just be writing into the near clipping plane directly but I can't figure out how to set that up procedurally versus me just monkeying around in the viewport. Second, in terms of aliasing the only thing that should matter here is primary rays... correct? I have more experience with GPU shadertoy life wherein the AA needs to be done in the shader itself since there is only one "sample" that plops the fragment on the screen. Thanks! P.S. If anybody has an example setup or video of this, I would be grateful. I have seen some 2D fractal art which I assume was written in this fashion but no HIP files.
  15. Oh, this is great! Thanks for the pointer to the source! Thanks for the BSDF clarification, I always thought map was the right term since people sometimes used those merl textures to do (angle ==> [0..1]) lookups instead of like an analytic function... but now I realize that no matter how you get your (angle ==> [0..1]) value it is still called a BSDF.