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  1. Burning Paper

    hey anakin78z, do you think you can post the hip file?
  2. Burning Paper

    Hey Guys, i'm learning houdini and would like to know if there's a way to create an effect similar to that of burning paper?
  3. Sandblaster like effects ?

    How do you go about making effects very similar to that of a Sandblaster ( a plug-in from 3DSMax ). For example, group of particle X going through a path and becomes group of particle Y. Are there any sample/demo files of this in Houdini 5.5?
  4. Is it possible to apply a displacement map on a cube mesh ( i.e. with 10 X 10 grid ) and have chop or a sound wave drive the displacement according to the wave generated by the audio?
  5. Flag

    Is there any tutorial on simulating a flag ?
  6. command line rendering

    i tried that command above: hrender -e .... mantra 1 at the command line tools under windows and it prompted 'hrender' is not a valid command, ...i'd run it at hscript and it prompted 'unknown command'..am i missing something here?
  7. command line rendering

    i just started playing around with houdini and i would like to know if there is a command line to render ( similar to maya )
  8. rendering tutorial

    how about the materials and scene files?
  9. rendering tutorial

    hi, can someone please email me the file toaster.hip with the associated textures and materials ( it was a tutorial file for houdini 4.0..i believe ..) ..thanks that would be greatly appreciated... email:larklee@habcotech.com
  10. RAT 10 & Houdini 5.5 setup

    never mind....i figured it out....
  11. RAT 10 & Houdini 5.5 setup

    hi, i've setup the env paths correctly, i.e. i've gone into window's under systems-> environment -> and added: path=%RATTREE%\BIN;%RMANTREE%\BIN
  12. hi, i'm having diffuculty in setting up RAT 10 with Houdini 5.5 in W2k..i've tried to compile *.sl files to generate *.ds file without any success.... c:> shader name.slo ---> i get an error message ...is there a step that i'm missing? greatly appreciate any help...