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  1. CacheIt -- HDA

    Hey , Totally open, with the .py file
  2. CacheIt -- HDA

    Hey! Yes cool, I could add this too! The only thing I don't like is to keep track of the hipfile just with a detail attribute sync to the version... For example, if you cache a sim, you continue to work and forget to save a new version and hit ctrl+s (which is a pure reflex for me haha), if you've done some modification on your sim , you've lost your settings for the previous cache, and you are fuc***... This is why in my OTL there is a toggle to copy the current version of your hip, in the cache folder. So you exactly know from where it come, and no way to mistake And since a Houdini file is rarely more than 10MB, it's all good!
  3. CacheIt -- HDA

    Hey guys! I just released a new tool. A super simple, but powerful, caching HDA with some cool features for file management, ETA, TOP multithreading shortcut ... Perfect for students or freelancers Check it out: https://gum.co/cacheit Cheers
  4. Hello, I'm trying to fracture a Zbrush sculpt that has a ton of details... The plan is to decimate the model and fracture+sim a mid rez version of it (with a decent amount of polygons) My question is, how can I apply back this displacement map on the exterior faces without any fracture edge visible ?? I'm using boolean to make the fractures and I have already detailed edges (no straight Voronoi fractures ) So I'm not talking about edge displacement, this is solved with the boolean. And since I'm subdividing the mesh at render time, it could be great to have some displacement on interior faces also at render time. Here is a try on a sphere: One shader for exterior faces, another for interior faces I'm mapping the displacement of the interior faces with a depth attribute. Close, but we still can see this fuck*** fractures when it's not broken... Here is some renders and a test scene Any idea guys ? FracturedDisplace.001.hip
  5. Voronoi with thickness

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to add a layer of fracture in between of two voronoi cell. The goal is to have something like this but the red pieces as one object: If I do a 2 representation it would be something like this In between pieces black thickness would be my constant thickness piece of geo that I can re-fracture Finally, I would like to apply this a complex mesh, with boolean detailed first fracture: Does anyone have an idea of how to do this in a clean way? Thank you