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  1. I can't figure out how to get the output created by the "Sky Rig" shelf tool from the Cloud FX shelf to render with Redshift. I have no similar issue with the volume created by the "Cloud Rig" tool, although both seem to me like they create a VDB volume with a channel called "density" (which is what I've tried to render in Redshift with an "RS Volume" shader, which again works just fine with the kind of volume that "Cloud Rig" creates). What am I missing?
  2. Ocean spectra with Redshift

    In case someone else gets stuck on something as silly as I did: I've tried following instructions in the H16 ocean masterclass (creating the UV attribute with the ocean evaluation node, baking a displacement map with that node, and displacing the evaluated geometry with the map in Redshift) but I was stupidly using a TIF to store it, presumably clamping the displacement values to [0…1]. Switching to EXR made it all work happily…