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  1. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Yes, the other file is done, everything works as expected. What I am looking for in this one is to extract the vector from the initial geometry through an attribute wrangle by selecting the point by number, so that I can specify through the second input of the point wrangle the input of the center of the sine wave, if I am not being extremely confusing, thanks! I have tried using blast with no luck, as it does not change the sine center when changing the number of the group in the blast node.
  2. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    As you can see I was trying to grab the point through the attribute wrangle and trying to drive the sine wave from there to the points of the object, but v@opinput1_P doesnt define the position of the already "picked up" group. thanks! Acids.hip
  3. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    I have been trying to access v@opinput1_P with no luck any suggestions?
  4. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

  5. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Thanks! How do I relate this to normals so that I can apply it to not planar surfaces. I have tried and sort of succeeded with setting an up vector and added as vector up = {0,1,0}; wrangle = exp(-decay * dist) * sin(dist * freq + offset) * ampl; @P +=up * wrangle;
  6. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Ive done it as you said so and I still encounter even heavier bugs using this method, although the snippet is working inside the VOP attribute, when taken out and used as point wrange or so, it doesnt work for the center to the edge of every collision. Here I attach the file, guess I will just stick to using the snippet for any wrangling I need, if somebody comes across a solution that allows for a normal point or attribute wrangle that be nice. RipplesPro.hip
  7. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Thanks! But nope it isnt that, I have declared center as a vector, or is it that the vector data type differs from the 3floats(vector) datatype that I have inside the attribute VOP? I have tried everything and it doesnt seem a logic error to me, seems that VOP's vop_getcomp and vop_setcomp are not the same as setcomp() and getcomp(). I do not want to refactor it in a snippet, I will like to have a point or attribute wrangle outside the vop attribute, although not a bad idea
  8. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Hi guys, I was following along a tutorial and wanted to implement the VOP's I got into VEX but for some reason I cant sort this bug out. This is inside an attribute wrangle after pop collision: vector center, newVect, Cd1; if(1==0){ //@P.y = noise(@P); }else{ for(int i = 0; i<chi("Ripples"); i++){ Cd1 = @Cd; vector PTemp = @P; offset = @Time; freq = ch("Frequency"); ampli = ch("Amplitude"); center = @hitpos; dist = distance(PTemp, center); trig = ampli * sin(dist * freq + offset); if(@Cd=={1,0,0}){ newVect = setcomp(PTemp, trig, 1); fVal = getcomp(@Cd, 0); //@P.y = lerp(@P, newVect, fVal); //@P.y = blend; @P.y = lerp(PTemp, trig, fVal); @P.y*=i; } } } and this is what the attribute VOP created in CVRipplesPro.hipEX: // Code produced by: distance1 dist = distance(P1, hitpos); // Code produced by: input2 input21 = 12.699999999999999; // Code produced by: multiply1 product = dist * input21; // Code produced by: sine1 sine = vop_sin(product); // Code produced by: multiply2 product1 = input2 * sine; // Code produced by: vecsetcompon1 newvec = vop_setcomp(P1, product1, 1); // Code produced by: vecgetcompon1 fval = vop_getcomp(Cd1, 0); // Code produced by: mix1 #ifdef __vex blend = lerp(P1, newvec, fval); #else blend = mix(P1, newvec, fval); #endif // Code produced by: geometryvopoutput1 vector _P = blend; vector _v = vector(); vector _force = vector(); vector _Cd = vector(); vector _N = vector(); { // Code produced by: geometryvopoutput1/P P = _P; } }