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  1. I am working with the sea of cloud.It takes me too mach time to rendering it,so I want to render this cloud seperately and composite them by using the DEEP Camera Map,but there is no relationship between clouds,because they are rendering seperately.I want to know if there is a solution to add the shadow to the cloud.

    secondly ,what's the difference between Deep Shadow Map(DSM) and Deep Camera Map(DCM)?


  2. I'm simulating droplet under no gravity environment.To make the droplet seems unstable,i turned the surface tension up.but the velocity of particles was slowed down by increasing the surface tensi-on,which is unexpected.

    How to remove the effect on velocity of turning the surface tension up, i mean make the droplet moving in uniform speed when increasing the droplet's surface tension?


  3. 20 hours ago, jonidunno said:



    thanks!   i've already seen it,but it isn't talk about displacement and it will take a lot of time to cache my sim wihout Displcement.

    I will write my attempt down after i solve the problem