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  1. Topographic map

    @Librarian thanks so much for this setup, it really looks amazing! I haven't yet figured out how to make less steps. where can I adjust that?
  2. Topographic map

    Hi! I try to create some topographic maps like in these samples: I tried and came somewhat close to what I'm looking for but I'm not sure if that is the best way to do it. also the main issue here is, the layers which contains holes, won't be cut out. These are the marked areas which don't work correctly: What can I do to fix those holes or is there even a better solution to create this kind of effect? I would like to use some kind of noise so it can be animated later. Thanks for the help! sliced.hiplc
  3. Vellum animation QUestion

    thanks ATOM! I actually had a POP wind already but didn't thought of that solution. thanks a lot ;-)
  4. Hello! I'm trying to animate two sheets with vellum. one on the right, one on the lift. they should go straight to the left or right, like the arrows shown in the picture. the shouldn't collide completely, just a bit where they touch each other. - I did try having two separate vellums, but then they don't interact with each other. - When I put both in one vellum, I can't make them move so they move in a straight line (I did animate the transform nod, but nothing is happening, when it's in a vellum), like the arrows show in the picture. I did try to add a pop attract but then the move to the center and collide completely, which I'm not looking for. Does anybody has an idea, how to solve this? Thanks for any tips :-)
  5. For-Each-Loop Question

    thanks for your input. I will try this one out!
  6. For-Each-Loop Question

    thanks for that setup, that is definitely what I was looking for. I just have to find a way to make it without remeshing to have nicer shaped discs :-)
  7. I'm trying to have a shape bend a bit more with every copy like in the example below. I though that for each would be a good choice for that but I can't manage to recreate it. This is what I made so far but it's not working exactly like I would like to :-) ForEach.hiplc
  8. Polywire shape adjustments

    thanks! that looks very interesting, although it's not working when I open the file ;-(
  9. Polywire shape adjustments

    wow cool! this is already an amazing setup! thanks so much
  10. Polywire shape adjustments

    Hi there! I'm trying to add a certain shape to an object. (see image which hopefully explains it better ;-) the effect I'm trying to achieve is that the polywire should be bigger to the point and smaller/thinner in between. I did try it with a ramp but it obviously doesn't work. I'm still new to houdini and any help is very much appreciated! Thanks ;-) curve on object.hipnc
  11. Sticky glue

    Hello everybody! I'm trying to get this sticky glue effect like in the picture below. Does anybody know who to set this up in Houdini? I do have some experience with Houdini, but I simply can't figure out how to build this one up ;-) Any help is very much appreciated!
  12. I'm a houdini beginner and I try to add a hightfled to a sphere or a closed circle, but I can't figure out how. Or is the hightfield only working an a grid and the shape can't be changed? Your help is very much appreciated!