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  1. Hi! Is there a way to turn on Motion Blur for the Bake texture rop node? motion blur.hip Thanks Daniel
  2. Okay, so as far as I figured it out: when you have a tetrahedra/solidconformed object that you want to apply sliding constraint on, you need to turn on the "Add Surface triangles" option in the solidconform node. After that, you can have your point group and the target primitive group that you want to apply it to. It is a little strange from me, that the "From Connectivity" option is not available with the "Use Closest Location on primitive" On. Because if I want some random points - sliding - constrained to the closest surface (that is not part of the same shell), and also want to have the sliding constraint, it is pretty hard to do. I can have the glue constraint and just turn on the From Conncectivity, but that won't have the sliding...
  3. Hi! I'm trying to use the new Sliding constraint in vellum (houdini 18). I had good result when I tried to constrain my geometries to a collider geo. (Using the Attach the geometry or the Stich constraint node.) But when I'm trying to "Sliding constraint" together my geometries, I can't make it work. So basically, I want my active vellum objects "sliding constrain" together many shells of geometries. Any ideas? (Not too much info in the docs sadly. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vellum/slidingconstraints.html)
  4. Hi! Is there a way to change the functionality of the Guide groom hda in a way to be able to mask out selected curves in the viewport? I can do that by clicking on the selection arrow next to the Primitive groups input, select the edges, hit enter, do the grooming, then click on the arrow again, select the new edges... etc. It is pretty annoying to constantly exiting the editing mode, grooming, go back. Is there a more easier way? I don't understand why isn't it assigned by default to the ctrl or something similiar. I guess it could be done by adding some pythong scripting, but I'm not that experienced with that. Thanks Daniel
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