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  1. Hello ! I tried to make fracture for game engine but I stumble into several problems : Most of the time the object I need to fracture is lowpoly, when I try to make them hollow I encounter several problem. Usuing booleans with sphere I get ugly topology (ngons, floating triangles) is there a way to polyreduce it without breaking outer shell and existing UVs ? Anyone tried to shatter using booleans like the video ? Thanks
  2. Motion vector from animated sequence

    Ok I made it ! The big mistake was I didnt converted the volume slice mesh into polygons. I used the "sop simple baker" from game dev tools. I normalised the vector using the attribute promote to get the min and max and put it in a pointvop. Things to fix : right now I just add arbitrary number to my normalised output to get a perfect ".5" value on "blank" space. Didnt figured a way to do it procedurally. motionvector_02.zip
  3. Motion vector from animated sequence

    Hello ! I try to create motion vector from 2D animation sequence for using in game engine (unreal). I try first to render the result of volume optical flow using volume slice and gamebaker but there no files when I press render and no error message neither. What I'm doing wrong ? Thanks a lots motionvector.zip
  4. Threshold / Erosion map from animation

    Hello ! I try to render a flip fluid anim and using a cop network to create a threshold animations. The idea is to have super smooth splashes like http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020476/Surface-Tension-Liquid-Effects-in Sadly I still have some motion information loss. Anybody tried that technique in houdini ? Thanks
  5. Group combine pattern syntax

    Hello ! I’m completly lost with group syntax and wildcards. I try to combine every second primitive group. Looked at the doc (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/groups.html#syntax) but it doesn’t help me sadly. Any advice ? Thanks group_problem.hip
  6. Delete point by distances from each other

    Precisely, but its just the way I found to distribute spheres on mesh based on points and making them not overlap. Using copy stamp.
  7. Delete point by distances from each other

    Hello there ! Its indeed a bit weird now I think about it, the idea is to distribute a precise number sphere on meshes point , picking the farthest point so the spheres dont overlap. then using theses to create selection groups ect ect.. Thanks for your replies and sorry for the confusion.
  8. Hello ! I'm struggling to analyse points from a mesh and only keep x number (like 4?) of the farthest points from each others. I tried to grab the distances in vex then using delete node but its not working properly, didnt find a way to parse every point and compare between them. Tried average but then again I dont know how to compare each points from each other. Thanks
  9. Polygon to curves and sweep tools

    it works really well ! thanks
  10. Polygon to curves and sweep tools

    Hello ! I'm trying to make sweeps from geometry input, basically a wireframe of a polymesh to use in game engine. Unfortunately I got strange result from ends SOP, duplicates lines. Is there a cleaner way ? Thanks ! PolytoEdge_001.hipnc
  11. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    Oh boy I didnt know that tool, unfortunately that doesnt solve my noise problem but its looks really handy ! Hello ! I dwelt into it and its really cool ! I tried to recreate it in volumevop to be sure I understood everything. Could the knoise use a ramp ? tried but I've no idea of what I'm doing for now. Thanks a lots volume_switch_02.hipnc
  12. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    Hello ! I made an explosion and I try to make it loop with Timeshift and volume mix nodes, Sadly I feels its too limited as the fading between the two volumes are quite obvious. Is there a way to mix volumes with a VolumeVOP ? The idea is to add simple 3d noise as the volume fade in and out. Thanks a lots
  13. Hello ! Is there a simple way to transfer velocity attributes from a volume to another ? Or create velocity from scratch ? Thanks !
  14. Texture baking issue

    Thanks a lot, this work flawlessly !
  15. Texture baking issue

    Hello ! I'm learning houdini and tries to bake a simple position make texture using either the bake texture rop or the game baker shelf tool. Either way I get both error when rendering to disk. I'm using pighead geometry . Everything goes just fine when rendering to Mplay strangely. Here are the errors I get : Baketexture ROP : Error Command Exit Code: 1 [15:36:16] mantra: Mantra tile imager open failure: Tiled Image File: 0 file [] File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga [15:36:16] mantra: Could not open imager [15:36:16] mantra: UV rendering failed for object /obj/geo1 Using rop_game_baker Error Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/baketexture Error Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/pre_bake0 Does anybody have clues about it ? Where I could get more information about texture baking ? Thanks PS : I'm using Houdini apprentice