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  1. Hello ! I tried to make fracture for game engine but I stumble into several problems : Most of the time the object I need to fracture is lowpoly, when I try to make them hollow I encounter several problem. Usuing booleans with sphere I get ugly topology (ngons, floating triangles) is there a way to polyreduce it without breaking outer shell and existing UVs ? Anyone tried to shatter using booleans like the video ? Thanks
  2. Motion vector from animated sequence

    Ok I made it ! The big mistake was I didnt converted the volume slice mesh into polygons. I used the "sop simple baker" from game dev tools. I normalised the vector using the attribute promote to get the min and max and put it in a pointvop. Things to fix : right now I just add arbitrary number to my normalised output to get a perfect ".5" value on "blank" space. Didnt figured a way to do it procedurally. motionvector_02.zip
  3. Motion vector from animated sequence

    Hello ! I try to create motion vector from 2D animation sequence for using in game engine (unreal). I try first to render the result of volume optical flow using volume slice and gamebaker but there no files when I press render and no error message neither. What I'm doing wrong ? Thanks a lots motionvector.zip
  4. Threshold / Erosion map from animation

    Hello ! I try to render a flip fluid anim and using a cop network to create a threshold animations. The idea is to have super smooth splashes like http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020476/Surface-Tension-Liquid-Effects-in Sadly I still have some motion information loss. Anybody tried that technique in houdini ? Thanks
  5. Group combine pattern syntax

    Hello ! I’m completly lost with group syntax and wildcards. I try to combine every second primitive group. Looked at the doc (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/groups.html#syntax) but it doesn’t help me sadly. Any advice ? Thanks group_problem.hip
  6. Delete point by distances from each other

    Precisely, but its just the way I found to distribute spheres on mesh based on points and making them not overlap. Using copy stamp.
  7. Hello ! I'm struggling to analyse points from a mesh and only keep x number (like 4?) of the farthest points from each others. I tried to grab the distances in vex then using delete node but its not working properly, didnt find a way to parse every point and compare between them. Tried average but then again I dont know how to compare each points from each other. Thanks
  8. Delete point by distances from each other

    Hello there ! Its indeed a bit weird now I think about it, the idea is to distribute a precise number sphere on meshes point , picking the farthest point so the spheres dont overlap. then using theses to create selection groups ect ect.. Thanks for your replies and sorry for the confusion.
  9. Polygon to curves and sweep tools

    it works really well ! thanks
  10. Polygon to curves and sweep tools

    Hello ! I'm trying to make sweeps from geometry input, basically a wireframe of a polymesh to use in game engine. Unfortunately I got strange result from ends SOP, duplicates lines. Is there a cleaner way ? Thanks ! PolytoEdge_001.hipnc
  11. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    Oh boy I didnt know that tool, unfortunately that doesnt solve my noise problem but its looks really handy ! Hello ! I dwelt into it and its really cool ! I tried to recreate it in volumevop to be sure I understood everything. Could the knoise use a ramp ? tried but I've no idea of what I'm doing for now. Thanks a lots volume_switch_02.hipnc
  12. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    Hello ! I made an explosion and I try to make it loop with Timeshift and volume mix nodes, Sadly I feels its too limited as the fading between the two volumes are quite obvious. Is there a way to mix volumes with a VolumeVOP ? The idea is to add simple 3d noise as the volume fade in and out. Thanks a lots
  13. Hello ! Is there a simple way to transfer velocity attributes from a volume to another ? Or create velocity from scratch ? Thanks !
  14. Texture baking issue

    Thanks a lot, this work flawlessly !
  15. Texture baking issue

    Hello ! I'm learning houdini and tries to bake a simple position make texture using either the bake texture rop or the game baker shelf tool. Either way I get both error when rendering to disk. I'm using pighead geometry . Everything goes just fine when rendering to Mplay strangely. Here are the errors I get : Baketexture ROP : Error Command Exit Code: 1 [15:36:16] mantra: Mantra tile imager open failure: Tiled Image File: 0 file [] File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga File: C:/temp/H16TextureBake/test.tga [15:36:16] mantra: Could not open imager [15:36:16] mantra: UV rendering failed for object /obj/geo1 Using rop_game_baker Error Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/baketexture Error Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/pre_bake0 Does anybody have clues about it ? Where I could get more information about texture baking ? Thanks PS : I'm using Houdini apprentice