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  1. Specular Reflection

    I'm having some difficulty as I can't get specular reflection on the object. I know PBR rendering unlike in the past which one would use a PBR Specular VOP it is now conjoined with PBR Reflect VOP but I don't see any specular reflection ? This is my material network, hopefully one can see where it is not working.
  2. Merging BVH files manually

    I'm using BVH Hacker to load and preview the BVH files. Thanks, I'll give that a go; seems perfect If only someone can give me some insight to my grain issue
  3. How To Grow Mesh Using Point Wrangle

    Particles and Transfer Attributes; he doesn't do a good Job at explaining but yet mentions he will explain.
  4. Merging BVH files manually

    I'm trying to merge two BVH files using a text editor; although I cannot get the two BVH files to merge seamlessly without jumping ? I'm hoping someone has experience in this area, specifically using a text editor.
  5. Constraint on Grains not working ?

    I have a point attribute set on some particles when they emit, I can't get vellum grains to constraint only the point attribute ? Vellum in DOPs; vellumObject > vellumSolver > Output but I don't see the grains on the particles in the viewport either ? Vellum Constraints in SOP's is fetching the attribute in Define Pieces from Attribute but that attribute is not constrained ?
  6. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @tamagochy I'm inversing the matrix should that not be getting back the original position ? Otherwise I didn't quite understand what you meant ?
  7. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @tamagochy What do you mean by (trans_mat) the matrix attribute * matrix attribute ? Also what method are you referring too, you gave one method but I posted another ?
  8. Modeling normals?

    Create a curve and deform it how you want it by simply selecting the points, and deforming. Then using the PolyFrame SOP, get the tangents to orient along the curve, that is your first step; remember you want tangentU, not biTangent Once you've got the tangent vectors to orient how you want, then using the PolyExtrude, extrude along the curve beginning with the first point on the curve, that is somewhat the foundation. Game Tools is alot of automation based on pre-defined criteria; hence your not getting what you want, that is my take on it.
  9. Modeling normals?

    Polyframe SOP on a curve, orient the points to follow the direction of the paper, create an attribute from those points. On the polyExtrude SOP you could use an attribute or expression for the extrusion.
  10. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    In any case so far shown I'm not getting the transformation matrix to result back to it's original position.
  11. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    I built it with expressions on parameter retrieving specific point values for up, aim an side vectors. Along with cross products then created an attribute for each axis. You are right, the object is not translating to the original position ?
  12. Channel Reference outside of DOPs

    How do I reference a channel from another network inside of a SOPSolver in DOP's ? I've tried ch("../<name of channel reference>") but it's not getting the channel reference which should color the grains based on the channel reference ?
  13. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    Amatrix is a Matrix attribute but it's not translating back to the original position, as it should ?
  14. I'm having some difficulties with attributes in the SOPSolver inside of a DOP Net. I hope someone can help cause I'm at a loss. I'm importing an attribute into a SOP Solver but when I try to preview that attribute in the SOP Solver by applying the attribute to @Cd I don't see anything. The wrangler AttributeToColor contains the following code; @stopped = 3; @stopped = @funkywave; @Cd = @stopped; I have a few questions, first; when importing an attributes into a SOP Solver inside a DOPNet should all attributes be imported or must you force import attributes ? Second in the above code, as I'm using vellum grains the attribute @stopped=3 should not move or rotate the grains, the attribute @funkywave is assigned to @stopped and @stopped is assigned to color, but I'm not seeing color on my geometry when outside of the SOPSolver ?
  15. I'm importing a vector4 as a point matrix within a VOP SOP; but it's position as in the transformation matrix, does not align correctly with the object prior to the transformation matrix ? The problem is in this VOP network, as the problem is only experienced in this VOP Network ?