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  1. I'm having an issue with vellum. I want to create some primitives into a distance constraint for use in the vellum Stich points constraints and this is seen in the screen shot below. Although, without even making these primitives a distance constraint and plugging them into the vellum constraints; constraints port the results are this. What I want is the primitives to remain in the position from the screen shot above then I make them into a distance constraint although that is not happening. Also, I know that within the vellum solver one should use the vellum constraint property node to change the constraint type dynamically. How do I change the constraint of primitives from Stich points to hair; what are the properties within the constraint property that I must toggle on as to change the primitives dynamically by making the primitive edges seen in the first screen shot hair ?
  2. I have a group of points, of that group of points; I want to split those points, which essentially is also splitting the edges of all the adjacent points.
  3. I've attached two screen shots, one of them is what the whole looks like from a view on the mesh that is readable; the second is the network graph which I'm getting the unshared edges. I want to keep the unshared edges but the rest of the mesh blast away. Although without blasting away the edges of the unshared edges only the mesh but keeping the unshared edges.
  4. The group was created by holes within the mesh that I want to make groups from the edges of those holes in the mesh. I used the Group SOP with; unshared edges toggled on but if I blast the group away those edges of those holes in the mesh are not kept.
  5. I have a group sop with unshared edges toggled on and that is selecting all the opened group edges in the mesh. Although the convertline sop is not taking those edges which were created by the group sop and isolating just those group edges when used with the blast node sop on the group.
  6. I have a group node with unshared edges toggled on. Although, how can I delete not the unshared edges but the rest while keeping the unshared edges ?
  7. What if I want to keep all the unshared edges but blast away (delete) the rest of the mesh ?
  8. I'm trying to understand TOPS by loading a texture into a wedge TOP by grabbing the basecolor of a principal shader for R,G,B but my object has disappeared in the viewport ?
  9. How can I get the bounding box of a texture image within a UDIM patch of a UV attribute ? In other words, you load a texture in materials whether that is color, bump etc; that texture may be explicitly placed when created on a specific UDIM patch. How can I find the bounding box for that texture, whether it matters that the texture will have an alpha !
  10. Reversing them after the loop just makes the threads normals, inverted; while the tires normals are correct. Instead of both the tire and the threads normals facing out.
  11. I want not only the tire, but the tire threads to have their normals reversed and all boolean unionized together. Up to now, this is only what I've been able to achieve; the threads are boolean unionized with the tire, but the normals of the tire are inverted ?
  12. How place the bend in the middle of the curve rather then at point 0 of the curve ?
  13. I assume I should use a point cloud open, to pick a point to use as for bending ?
  14. I want to create a parabola but, only a shallow curve which you can get from a parabola. How would I create the points as to get such a shape, I've tried sine and cosine but nothing which resembles ?
  15. How can I delete a class with a primitive value of 13 based on uv's ? Also, how can I find the size of a uv island, I don't want the bounding box of the area, rather the actual size of the island ?
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