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  1. Nature fun

    I'd like this, well done, can you share ?
  2. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    32 gigs should not be a problem
  3. I want to get the distance of the radius of a circle to a primitive then apply it back to the circle radius. I'm using the pointDist expression to get a primitive on one mesh, followed by the point on the circle then dividing that based on the channel reference of another circle, but the expression is not evaluating ? ch("../circle1/radx")/pointdist("/obj/file1/polyextrude2/",10,"/obj/file1/circle3/",0,2)
  4. thickness to object ?

  5. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    Currently the id=1, although using all the points on the curve won't fit well, I understand; but then you mention, I can use a specific subset of points that I want to use and set the id for that subset to 1 (id=1); although the id is already set to an id=1 ? In using a subset, I can set the focus point although still maintain control of the curve if I don't use a subset; as it is currently ?
  6. thickness to object ?

    This question has been asked before but the thread I found on the subject I can't seem to copy; that is, how do I add thickness to an object ?
  7. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    I sorta see what you mean; but how do I define which points are filtered out; which will result in different ids ?
  8. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    How do I know where the focus is, when filtering out only points with an id=1, since there are many points with an id=1 ?
  9. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    With a Parabola curve, is there any way to adjust the focus point, the focus point being; the lowest arc in the curve ?
  10. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    It is possible that the control I require is outside of a Parabola, since if I adjust the degree as seen in the image; only the left side of the curve is modified ? As no matter how much I change the degree, the right side of the curve remains the same that is unless there is another way.
  11. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    When changing the degree whether it's 3,4 etc; the point curve which are to the right of the curve, stay the same; they don't change, I want to change both ?
  12. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    There is no way to make the fits dependent on each other ? How do you know if the x-value has no y-values based on the curve, if the id is only set to check for 1 ? It's possible a cubic will work over Quadratic ?
  13. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The documentation states for the polyfit function in numpy if y is 2-D then multiple fits are done both for the x and y; therefore why is the result a 1-D co-efficient ? Invert the curve, if the curve is like a Parabola Curve, flip it; so it's the opposite ?
  14. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    This is what I wanted Although how come the degree only effects the Y but not the X, unless it's due to this line ? points_subset = filter(lambda x: x.attribValue('id') == 1, points) And how would you flip / invert the curve ?
  15. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The red curve circle or curve is what I'm trying to find, the radius in other words Probably not exactly a parabola curve but it's what the shape began anyhow