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  1. Conform points to primitive attribute value

    If anyone has any suggestions, I created an integer attribute and whether it be the Intersect vop or the Ray SOP so the points cast only on the integer attribute, rather then a vector attribute. I've tried binding an integer attribute and using that in an attribute vop but it doesn't cast ?
  2. Conform points to primitive attribute value

    That isn't working as I want. I give the vector attribute direction but the points are not casting to that attribute.
  3. How can I get points to conform to primitives from a vector attribute value ?
  4. The point have no color on them, only the geometry, are you saying to transfer the Cd.r from the geometry to the points; the points still won't confine to the red areas of the geometry; as well as I want that bleed.
  5. I want the particles to slide only on the parts of the geometry which are red, not the black areas, but using a parameter having some control whether some of the particles bleed into the semi-black areas is required.
  6. Fluid_Liquid_Sphere.hipnc I kept the attributevop network from your post; rather then my own.
  7. The points continue to project on the black as well as the red.
  8. How do I get points to only effect the @Cd.r of the geometry; the current way is not working; the intersect is casting rays on the whole geometry regardless of the color on the geometry ?
  9. Keyframing with Python seems buggy?

    I have to slightly Hijack this thread, hopefully @Atom can respond or anyone. Can one load Python modules inside the Python SOP have it being loaded ?
  10. The geometry has red and black color, the points coming in are particles; I only want the particles to intersect with the parts of the geometry which are red. The parameter is to control if I want some particles to bleed into the black areas of the geometry. Although neither is working, the particles are intersecting with both the black and red parts of the geometry ? As well, I want to open the point clouds based on the dot product of the particle normal and the surface normal, I'm assuming I should use the UVW of the intersect for the position and the primitive of the intersect as the maxpoints, which I can then control the radius of how many points I want to open ?
  11. Create own height-field ?

    I understand what it's doing internally Thanks
  12. Create own height-field ?

    It appears to me height fields are just VDB, how can I construct my own height field using VDB's ?
  13. Particles not emitting from Painted Attribute

    I said I got it working. Thanks for the help.
  14. Particles not emitting from Painted Attribute

    I have it figured out; I was using paint differently.
  15. Particles not emitting from Painted Attribute

    Using an expression; that is the only way I know how ?