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  1. New Color Schemes

    I like Soot.
  2. Control Ambient Occlusion ?

    I'm looking for a way to control where ambient occlusion occurs, if anyone has any resources or what have you ?
  3. Convert images using icp ?

    @malexander Sorry, I gave you the wrong info. The Resolution is 42540 x 27017, 32 bit float, Single Channel, Channel Depth, 32x1 & No Compression.
  4. Convert images using icp ?

    icp: Unable to create PdmNorth.pic (when copying from PDEM_North.tif)
  5. Convert images using icp ?

    icp Acme.tif SuperAcme.pic I'm running the command in the same folder as the Acme.tif file within a Houdini command line.
  6. Convert images using icp ?

    How about TIFF to PIC, which gives me an error, `unable to create` ?
  7. Convert images using icp ?

    icp still still a valid command, hopefully someone is familiar or someone can help me to get this to work.
  8. Convert images using icp ?

    I meant icp https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/10013/
  9. I read you can use icp the command line tool to convert one format to the other. Therefore I run the command icp <ConvertFrom> <ConvertTo> but I get an error; unable to create the <ConvertTo> format file ? In other words, if I want to convert from TIF to PIC, it's unable to convert the file to a PIC file format ? And what was or is Halo ?
  10. Setting COPS Image resolution

    I assume RAT files load faster, cause this TIF file I'm attempting to load is slow due to the file size.
  11. Setting COPS Image resolution

  12. Setting COPS Image resolution

    ARrgh, it keeps reverting back; I tried 36000x2 and same issue.
  13. Setting COPS Image resolution

    @symek We are talking about the resolution panel within the Composite Project Settings ?
  14. Setting COPS Image resolution

    When changing the Resolution from its default, the setting reverts back to the default ?
  15. Setting COPS Image resolution

    Where is settings > main > preferences relating to COPS ? It can't be preferences > compositing as changing the Resolution Limit doesn't remove the error that the image resolution is too large ?