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  1. orientation problem

    That is what @LaidlawFX showed in his example; both N and a up-vector. Either way you got it working.
  2. orientation problem

    Your scene is more deeper but doesn't run on 17.5 without errors.
  3. Gobo lights

    Also known as a;
  4. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    I've been trying to solve why I'm getting an error ? foreach(string grp01;grp_01){ if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,"grp_01")) append(i@[]primGrp,@numprim);
  5. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    Besides changing the string to an integer, I originally did use @numprim attribute in a previous post.
  6. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,@numprim)) append(i[]@primGrp,grp_01); ? Also expandprimgroup() does work; but want to know otherwise.
  7. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    I read the thread, therefore shouldn't the following give me an array of all the primitives in GroupZero ? string grp_01 = detailintrinsic(0,"GroupZero"); s[]@primGrp = {}; foreach(string grp01;grp_01){ if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,@numprim)) append(s[]@primGrp,grp_01); }
  8. Mplay and python

    Mplay saving comments on the images ?
  9. SideFX is Cracking!

    The Houdini logo has an uncanny resemblance to the Lightwave logo. We know Newtek stole it from SideFX.
  10. I have a string attribute which is referencing a parameter from the groupRename sop. This string attribute is a detail attribute; problem is getting only the primitives for the group in a integer attribute. I tried, although a little silly; the following in the same detail attribute; i@udim01 = atoi("udim_01"); obviously no success. Therefore I tried placing the same line in another primitive wrangler, the results are empty. How can I get only the primitives which belong to the group from the group Name parameter as an integer attribute for primitives ?
  11. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    Is it possible to replace the override primitive option, with a group ? The Target Assignment does what I want, except; I want to move groups into a different UDIM tile, that is where I think, it's not possible with the Target Assignment override.
  12. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. The target assignment override within the UV layout sop, creates a default attribute called; udim. Then you can specify the primitive for the UV island, for example; 410:1002 is primitive 410 and should move the uv island associated with primitive 410 to udim 1002, as mentioned in the documentation ? From this thread, it appears as though it doesn't do that; rather, it keeps the islands packed within the first udim or 0-1 space ?
  13. Emit Particles from Hit grains ?

    With POPNet and Vellum all within a DOPNet. How do I get the particles to only emit from the vellum grains when there is a value on the hitprim attribute from only the grains which actually hit a primitive ?
  14. Grains not keeping constraints ?

    When the object falls the constrained parts of the object is not constrained ? constraint_vellumgrain.hipnc