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  1. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    Is it not possible to have a UV layout sop after the file; then get the island attribute and use that in a forEach sop and then move each island to a different udim using a transform sop within the foreach sop ?
  2. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    When promoting uv from vertex to point as P, my mesh becomes completely tangled after the vertex split; as your example @konstantin magnus ? It would be because the UV are outside of the 0-1 ? v@bbox_min = getbbox_min(0); v@bbox_max = getbbox_max(0); f@fituv = (float)fit(@uv,@bbox_min[0],@bbox_max[0],0,1); f@fituv = (float)fit(@uv,@bbox_min[1],@bbox_max[1],0,1); f@fituv = (float)fit(@uv,@bbox_min[2],@bbox_max[2],0,1); The above is getting me the bounding box for all three values for the min/max but how can I set them so that the UV fit within the 0-1 range. The above was what I had planned.
  3. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    I don't have a vector variable for the first parameter; only two detail attributes which I split and promoted from the vertex attribute uv. I tried the @P attribute but that won't have any effect on vertices; only attempted because it's a vector.
  4. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    I corrected the parameters which I posted in my original post. Although the fit() function has five arguments; the first argument is what I don't know if what I'm entering is correct ?
  5. I'm promoting the vertex uv attribute to each their own detail attribute using an attribute promote; except now I want to fit the values from these two detail attributes. Therefore I'm running the following code in a detail wrangler; although I'm not getting the result which I want ? vector newUV = fit(1,@min_u,@max_v,0.0,1.0);
  6. Group from Points Array ?

    Actually, I do have multiple points with different arrays. Are you saying, rather then a detail attribute, I use a pointattrib; since I want to get the attribute array for multiple points ?
  7. Group from Points Array ?

    One question, from the way I understand, this can be run on points; rather then detail ?
  8. Group from Points Array ?

    Right, thank you This is perfect and helpful.
  9. Group from Points Array ?

    This is good, except; if I blast the group, I'm still getting primitives, rather then only points ?
  10. Group from Points Array ?

    How can I create a group using an attribute for which I want the group to be created from, setPointGroup() doesn't accept attributes as an argument ? I tried looping over all the points in an attribute array using the ForEach loop then appending them to a new group, but that doesn't work as the new group just contains all the points for the mesh, rather then the points from the attribute array for one point. I n other words, take one point from the mesh which contains an attribute array and for that one point create a group for all the points for that point in that points attribute array ?
  11. Blast Point to include points from Attribute Array ?

    I have a bunch of points, lets just say there are thousands. If I blast just one point, with delete unselected; obviously I will just have one point in the view port. I have a wrangler with a variable with a nearpoints() expression. For the point which I'm not deleting with the blastnode in the view port, I also want all the nearest points for the current point which is not being deleted to be seen in the viewport, which is in an array ?
  12. Blast Point to include points from Attribute Array ?

    I have an attribute on points, and I want to blast all points but a single point but also have all the points which belong to the point array to be included.
  13. When blasting a point using the blast sop is there an expression which I can add to the blast sop to include the number of the point being blasted to include the points from an attribute array in the blast sop ?
  14. Initial State Problems

    It worked for you, that is all I want is to have it work on my end ?
  15. Initial State Problems

    If the initial state is working, why when disabling the scatter node and moving the timeline is it not showing just the initial state particles but points on the geometry; shouldn't it work when the scatter node is disabled ? Also with an initial state for the DOP Network (PopNet) and I add a Pop wind, the initial state particles are not effected by wind when moving the timeline ?