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  1. Is there an alternative to using the assembly SOP with RBD ?
  2. Raining Fuel (No Clustering)

    Interesting, when the particle impacts; how did you do the impact ?
  3. visualize groups

    How can I visualize groups ? And how can I loop over all groups and rename each group; I probably can do the latter in python but wondering about the vex method ?
  4. UV cubic map procedurally

    I'd like to bookmark posts, is that not possible ?
  5. New Color Schemes

    @DaJuice I put the theme colors into the /config sub-folder but my icons are not changing, in this case to the look of the soot theme ?
  6. I need to split up overlapping UV islands, which are all within 0-1 space and split them up into their own UDIM tile ?
  7. Grains and constraints not visible ?

    Then again maybe my question should be, how do I mix vellum and particles together ? Since a POPNet is a DOPNet, and I have merged a vellum solver and POP solver together ? If there is a tutorial on this it would be extremely helpful, unless someone wants to explain or share a scene.
  8. Grains and constraints not visible ?

    In other words, I have to create the constraints between the particles, then apply grains ?
  9. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Whoa H19.
  10. Grains and constraints not visible ?

    How come my grains are not visible in the scene along with the constraints ? I'm seeing clusters of constraints. Particles_sopSolver.hipnc
  11. DOPNet or not ?

    In other words, no need for a DOPNetwork, simply the vellum configure grains SOP, thanks I was thinking I needed DOPNetwork with a Vellum Object and Solver to tell which object is the object which is emitting the grains, even though the grains are using points (POPNet)
  12. Getting constraints to work

    Therefore there is no need to use vellum strictly within a DOPNetwork; when using the vellumconstraints_grain SOP, correct ? One must use the connectAdjacentpieces SOP with vellum ? I may be doing something wrong, I created an attribute, promoted that attribute from points to primitives but the connectAdjacentPieces is not picking up the attribute when the attribute is given in the Piece Attribute field ?
  13. Getting constraints to work

    When using vellum constraints I'm having some difficulty getting constraints to work, especially with the connectAdjacentpieces SOP (Adjacent Pieces from points). The connectAdjacentPieces SOP is bringing in an attribute by means of the piece attribute which is a custom attribute I created, but I don't see any connectivity between the points ?
  14. Houdini 18 sneak peek

    Is there Siggraph papers on the solvers used in H17.x and H18 ? Also I see that Houdini 18 now has Python 3 support, although switching between the two will still be needed for a while.
  15. Attributes out of POPNet ?

    Is it possible to write attributes outside of a POPNet ?