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  1. Python module in Parameter

    How do I write python module which is always available with every Houdini session and can be loaded as a module within a parameter; must I use 123.py or hou.session ? If I understand correctly hou.session is saved with the hip file, meanwhile 123.py is loaded even if it's an empty scene.
  2. HDA writes to BiFrost ?

    When creating a HDA, is it possible to write to BiFrost which give the user if they are knowledgeable in BiFrost; access to the HDA parameters by means of the BiFrost counterparts ?
  3. Importing attributes with Opinput

    The vector attribute is still not being imported ?
  4. Within a DOPNet I have a SOPSolver, within the SOPSolver I'm using a point wrangler to only retrieve the velocity using @opinput1_v.z = 2.3; but the attribute is not being imported into the wrangler for the second input of the point wrangler ?
  5. painted metal shader

  6. How do I use Add Impact Data from a POP Solver inside a POP Wrangler ?
  7. Loading Houdini Python modules into Code Issues

    @makah21803 You have single `\` make sure they are double `\\`. You don't need; "python.autoComplete.preloadModules":["hou"] that is only for Jedi as you see is disabled, just remove that line, completely.
  8. Import Records into Pop wrangler

    I want to use the impact records from the RBD in the POP wrangler for the Pop solver. I'm stuck on how to import the data ? dop_import_records.hipnc
  9. Import Records into PopNet

    How do I bring in a impact attribute into a POPWrangle inside a DOPNet from a DOPImport Records ?
  10. Import Records into PopNet

    I was using the wrong attribute name
  11. Unbound particles to velocity field ?

    I meant a volume velocity field. The particles flow along the torus but I want to have control when those particles fall off the volume field. velField_gravity.hipnc
  12. Import Records into PopNet

    That works, but; how can I use the import records to do the same thing ?
  13. Import Records into PopNet

    How do I bring into a POPNet the impulse (impact) data; without using a SOPSolver ? impact_records.hipnc
  14. Unbound particles to velocity field ?

    How do I get a velocity field to get effected by gravity, currently my particle remain bound to the velocity field. I tried a POPWrangler (@v.y) with a condition, but the particles remain bound ?
  15. Particles not emitting along vector attribute ?

    @Sean-R Thanks, but how do I get the particles to continuously flow around the torus; currently once the velocity has done a full rotation the particles shoot in opposite direction ?