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  1. Motion capture

    Where can I find free motion capture data of humans, running dancing etc; I've looked on TurboSquid but none of the free motion capture files are readable ?
  2. When using the Group Create SOP along with Keep in Bounding Regions with a bounding sphere, I'm trying to limit my selection to only the edge points of the selection by enabling Include in Edges but that is not working; how do I limit the selection using the Group Create SOP ? The Bounding sphere has selected all the points, how can I get the Group Create SOP to limit only the edge points ?
  3. Could you let me know about 'rest' ?

    @hi_dini The @rest attribute is so that for example the procedural noise does not swim though the simulation as you mentioned; rather shrink wraps to the simulation, I hope that helps.
  4. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    I'm rusty with volumes but I do want to know the steps to create an SDF of the hole ?
  5. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    @nuki Create a group of the points of the hole, then create a VolumeSDF SOP of the geometry group, then in a wrangler use the volumesample() function; correct ?
  6. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    I want to kill any particles from going past this hole. I was thinking of finding the bounding box of the geometry but how do I find the area of the hole as to tell the particles to die when they hit the hole and or go outside of the hole with grains ?
  7. Information on vellum attributes ?

    Where in the documentation for vellum can I get more information for these attributes; active,keep,kill; isgrain etc ?
  8. Grains go up ?

    I've run into a problem with vellum grains; I have a static object and gravity within the DOP Object (sim) but this area of the simulation, rather then going down, goes up ?
  9. cluster constraint

    There are some great tutorials on this but the cluster SOP is what you need for RBD.
  10. delete

  11. UV map saturn rings in Mantra

    @konstantin magnus Where did you get M_PI ?
  12. Horse Mane and Tail on Fire

    You could use the shelf tools, otherwise if you have the knowledge of Pyro in Houdini, make it from scratch; Pyro is deep area in Houdini.
  13. Color Target from RaySOP

    I want to color the target from the RaySOP; I created a Ray Hit Group but I want only the points which the ray hit to be colored ? I placed a color SOP and chose the ray hit group but not the results I want ?
  14. I created a custom global variable using the set -g in a textport window. The global variable worked but has a double forward slash ( // ) in the path before the set variable ?
  15. wrangle sop jump to other node

    @Follyx as @Atom mentioned an expression in the switch sop; as for a wrangler,you could use Opinput_x in a condition.