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  2. Getting VDB Color Data

  3. Getting VDB Color Data

    When converting polygonal object to VDB and one wants the Cd data, is it necessary to get the attribute to transfer to the VDB from within the VDB from Polygons SOP ? For example, the attribute I retrieve is the point.Cd which is of Vector Color and then giving it a name ? Also when converting a VDB back to polygons how do I get the color data back on the polygon mesh from the Convert VDB node; using the group, @name=<NameOfAttribute> ?
  4. Getting VDB Color Data

  5. Getting VDB Color Data

    Why is the actual color information not visible in the viewport ? The Cd attribute did transfer to the polygon object, converted polygon object I tired an attribute transfer but that doesn't work either. Transfer from the attribute vop to after the attribute from volume.
  6. Adding texture to Vellum grains?

    I like his M&M reference
  7. Apply attribute based on object id in RBD

    You are probably correct, I'm fetching the impact points. I've attached the scene file; I may not have the wrangler inside the SopSolver correct. rbdtestb.hipnc
  8. changing $Home location

    When you say; setting them in the global environment variables, do you mean inside; Edit > Aliases and Variables, or simply in a shell ? What do you mean, they will all condense when anyone is called ? I create the global variables, lets say $ACME; I use that inside of the HOUDINI_PATH environment variable and it's expanded when the Houdini.env ?
  9. Apply attribute based on object id in RBD

    When I'm outside of a SOPSolver but remain inside of a dopnet, each packed primitive has their own point; although when I'm inside the SOPSolver inside the DOPNet those same single points have multiple points over lapping ? Therefore my wrangle doesn't do what I want because of the overlapping points ?
  10. changing $Home location

    You can use global variables inside environment variables ? How are you setting those variables ?
  11. changing $Home location

  12. Apply attribute based on object id in RBD

    It is AND because I want the point or packed primitive 1 and 3.
  13. Apply attribute based on object id in RBD

    I want point or packed primitive 1 and 3.
  14. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    The new buzz phrase. Just listen to The Police song; I hope my reference is understood ?
  15. use alcohol as disinfection against COVID-19

    At this point, if it lasts for a year; two years, three years, for the rest of our lives; oh well.
  16. Finding Impact Records in RBD ?

    @bunker Records are in this case, the sub-Impact within the Impact ? The expression dopnumrecords is attaching the data to the position data, in a modify data dop, correct ? If the dopnumrecords is applied to the Activation of the modify data dop, shouldn't when the impact applies, the value for the Activation change to 1, rather then stay at 0 ? Also where can I find the value created from the Modify data dop in the spreadsheet; I search within position and impacts, I find nothing ?
  17. Finding Impact Records in RBD ?

    The second file from here; there is no SopSolver so how is the impact data being read and found ?
  18. Texture from attribute for use in COPS without baking

    The file you uploaded works, I'm trying to see if I can get it to work in my original scene. No matter what I type and erase in the COP VOP it doesn't work.
  19. Texture from attribute for use in COPS without baking

    What did you edit to get my scene to work ?
  20. use alcohol as disinfection against COVID-19

    I think people are nuts.
  21. Texture from attribute for use in COPS without baking

    Is this an issue with COPS; it's not working ? copimport_sops.hipnc
  22. I added a spline curve to the vop network which has prevented the single stream of points
  23. The particles are deforming along a curve, although once the particles reach a specific point on the curve, the particles stream single points; rather then a cluster of points, or rather; what is seen from the emitting base of the particles. How can I eliminate this single stream of points ?
  24. I've solved the problem
  25. The particles are emitting along a curve, although it may not be noticeable in the capture. The issue is; the particles are emitting how I want them too at the base of where the particles are emitting, but when the particles continue to follow the curve as seen in the capture the particles become a single point stream. I want what is at the base of the particles as seen in the capture to control where it is wide and thin; rather then a single stream of particles.