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  1. How can I use global variables in environment variables ?
  2. Global variables in environment variables ?

    Global variables like $HIP, $HOME; $JOB etc.
  3. How can I get a plugin which is a folder placed in my $HOME directory to be read when Houdini is started; currently the folder which contains the plugin is not being loaded ?
  4. Directory to be read in $HOME directory ?

    That didn't work, unfortunately. I tried HOUDINI_DSO_PATH, that didn't work either ?
  5. orientation problem

    That is what @LaidlawFX showed in his example; both N and a up-vector. Either way you got it working.
  6. orientation problem

    Your scene is more deeper but doesn't run on 17.5 without errors.
  7. Gobo lights

    Also known as a;
  8. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    I've been trying to solve why I'm getting an error ? foreach(string grp01;grp_01){ if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,"grp_01")) append(i@[]primGrp,@numprim);
  9. I have a string attribute which is referencing a parameter from the groupRename sop. This string attribute is a detail attribute; problem is getting only the primitives for the group in a integer attribute. I tried, although a little silly; the following in the same detail attribute; i@udim01 = atoi("udim_01"); obviously no success. Therefore I tried placing the same line in another primitive wrangler, the results are empty. How can I get only the primitives which belong to the group from the group Name parameter as an integer attribute for primitives ?
  10. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    Besides changing the string to an integer, I originally did use @numprim attribute in a previous post.
  11. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,@numprim)) append(i[]@primGrp,grp_01); ? Also expandprimgroup() does work; but want to know otherwise.
  12. Integer Attribute from Group Name

    I read the thread, therefore shouldn't the following give me an array of all the primitives in GroupZero ? string grp_01 = detailintrinsic(0,"GroupZero"); s[]@primGrp = {}; foreach(string grp01;grp_01){ if(inprimgroup(0,grp01,@numprim)) append(s[]@primGrp,grp_01); }
  13. Mplay and python

    Mplay saving comments on the images ?
  14. SideFX is Cracking!

    The Houdini logo has an uncanny resemblance to the Lightwave logo. We know Newtek stole it from SideFX.
  15. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    Is it possible to replace the override primitive option, with a group ? The Target Assignment does what I want, except; I want to move groups into a different UDIM tile, that is where I think, it's not possible with the Target Assignment override.
  16. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. The target assignment override within the UV layout sop, creates a default attribute called; udim. Then you can specify the primitive for the UV island, for example; 410:1002 is primitive 410 and should move the uv island associated with primitive 410 to udim 1002, as mentioned in the documentation ? From this thread, it appears as though it doesn't do that; rather, it keeps the islands packed within the first udim or 0-1 space ?
  17. Emit Particles from Hit grains ?

    With POPNet and Vellum all within a DOPNet. How do I get the particles to only emit from the vellum grains when there is a value on the hitprim attribute from only the grains which actually hit a primitive ?
  18. Grains not keeping constraints ?

    When the object falls the constrained parts of the object is not constrained ? constraint_vellumgrain.hipnc
  19. Round extruded shape

    All the parameters are not readable, why I ask. All I see is a simple square cube. Your scene has a merge instead of a polybevel, unless that is the issue in relation that it is a H18 scene.
  20. Round extruded shape

    How can I create the extruded shapes rounded squares and create the cut off area to where the extruded black squares are created as seen in the white areas ? I'd like to have control as to how round the black squares will be ? If I create a grid, and loop over each primitive and add more points to each primitive edge, that will give me more points to work with; but I don't know how I will create the rounded shape, also keeping the shape to only all quads.
  21. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    I can create cloth using grains, by constraining geometry to a patch; for example, of grains.
  22. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    I want to know why vellum grains breaks the geometry into a mess of crumbled spheres ? vellumgrain.hipnc
  23. Round extruded shape

    Is this scene created in H18; as I'm experiencing errors on H17.5 ?