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  1. Round extruded shape

    I understand the duplicating but what was your method of the base of the building block ?
  2. Scatter Points in Volume

    I'm experimenting with VDB and the VDB Analysis SOP. I want to know how I can scatter points based on the density of the volume. Placing a scatter SOP after the VDB Analysis sop doesn't produce any results ? scatterVolume.hipnc
  3. PDG and baked textures ?

    How with PDG can you take a texture and add variance to the texture; especially if it's a baked texture ?
  4. Round extruded shape

    You simply created one cube and duplicated per primitive on the grid; if so, how ? There is one twist, what if; rather then the squares be perfectly vertical and horizontal as they are on a grid, the cubes are angled ?
  5. Round extruded shape

    Are you saying, you take a cube; then curve boolean the cube based on the curve to get the shape ?
  6. Round extruded shape

    I assume you made the outline and did something similar to this.
  7. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    Linux seems to be better at handling processes; I'm just getting into Linux and so far, it shows alot of power. I use WSL.
  8. Round extruded shape

    If you mean as such, I'm getting the round edges along the side. As well I'd like to deform the edges of the primitive make them have some roundness.
  9. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    Thanks, although why are my grains stretching ?
  10. Advanced UI Customization

    @animatrix The network overlay the viewport is not too bad; if you can change the opacity of the network overlay based on the mouse wheel that would be good.
  11. Most of those examples, could use more work; but they were good attempts.
  12. Vellum fill into shape ?

    @Yader Is @width a new attribute; for vellum ?
  13. Vellum fill into shape ?

    How can I get vellum to create protruded shapes as seen in the image below ?
  14. Vellum fill into shape ?

    @Yader Thanks, it may answer the question I have
  15. Particles avoid sphere on collision

    I want the particles to avoid colliding with the sphere, or use the hituv attribute to control what part of the sphere the particles should avoid and place those particles inside a hit group. I want to use the hituv attribute but how can I know the parametric uv of the sphere based on the values for the attribute ? dop_import_recordsb.hipnc
  16. Vellum fill into shape ?

    @Yader Why am I getting all these errors; is it because I'm using H 17.5 ? Load warnings for C:/1/Protruded_Vellum_Shape_02.hiplc
  17. Particles collision to ignore object ?

    I want the particles to ignore the sphere so I want to use the hituv to get the parametric uv of the sphere, but I don't know how to calculate, the parametric uv of the sphere to write a condition to ignore the sphere ?
  18. No dop object specified ?

    When using the DOP Import node, I specified the DOP Object as a relative path, as well as the Import Style is set to; Fetch Geometry from DOPNetwork but the DOP Import node is returning; no dop object specified ?
  19. No dop object specified ?

    I've attached a scene file. dop_import_records.hipnc
  20. No dop object specified ?

    I've supplied only the dop object name, same issue ?
  21. Python module in Parameter

    How do I write python module which is always available with every Houdini session and can be loaded as a module within a parameter; must I use 123.py or hou.session ? If I understand correctly hou.session is saved with the hip file, meanwhile 123.py is loaded even if it's an empty scene.
  22. HDA writes to BiFrost ?

    When creating a HDA, is it possible to write to BiFrost which give the user if they are knowledgeable in BiFrost; access to the HDA parameters by means of the BiFrost counterparts ?
  23. Importing attributes with Opinput

    The vector attribute is still not being imported ?
  24. Within a DOPNet I have a SOPSolver, within the SOPSolver I'm using a point wrangler to only retrieve the velocity using @opinput1_v.z = 2.3; but the attribute is not being imported into the wrangler for the second input of the point wrangler ?
  25. painted metal shader