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  1. UDIMs in Houdini, how?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. The target assignment override within the UV layout sop, creates a default attribute called; udim. Then you can specify the primitive for the UV island, for example; 410:1002 is primitive 410 and should move the uv island associated with primitive 410 to udim 1002, as mentioned in the documentation ? From this thread, it appears as though it doesn't do that; rather, it keeps the islands packed within the first udim or 0-1 space ?
  2. Emit Particles from Hit grains ?

    With POPNet and Vellum all within a DOPNet. How do I get the particles to only emit from the vellum grains when there is a value on the hitprim attribute from only the grains which actually hit a primitive ?
  3. Grains not keeping constraints ?

    When the object falls the constrained parts of the object is not constrained ? constraint_vellumgrain.hipnc
  4. Round extruded shape

    All the parameters are not readable, why I ask. All I see is a simple square cube. Your scene has a merge instead of a polybevel, unless that is the issue in relation that it is a H18 scene.
  5. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    I can create cloth using grains, by constraining geometry to a patch; for example, of grains.
  6. Round extruded shape

    Is this scene created in H18; as I'm experiencing errors on H17.5 ?
  7. Round extruded shape

    I understand the duplicating but what was your method of the base of the building block ?
  8. PDG and baked textures ?

    How with PDG can you take a texture and add variance to the texture; especially if it's a baked texture ?
  9. Round extruded shape

    You simply created one cube and duplicated per primitive on the grid; if so, how ? There is one twist, what if; rather then the squares be perfectly vertical and horizontal as they are on a grid, the cubes are angled ?
  10. Round extruded shape

    Are you saying, you take a cube; then curve boolean the cube based on the curve to get the shape ?
  11. Round extruded shape

    I assume you made the outline and did something similar to this.
  12. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    Linux seems to be better at handling processes; I'm just getting into Linux and so far, it shows alot of power. I use WSL.
  13. Round extruded shape

    If you mean as such, I'm getting the round edges along the side. As well I'd like to deform the edges of the primitive make them have some roundness.
  14. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    Thanks, although why are my grains stretching ?
  15. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    I want to know why vellum grains breaks the geometry into a mess of crumbled spheres ? vellumgrain.hipnc