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  1. I read you can use icp the command line tool to convert one format to the other. Therefore I run the command icp <ConvertFrom> <ConvertTo> but I get an error; unable to create the <ConvertTo> format file ? In other words, if I want to convert from TIF to PIC, it's unable to convert the file to a PIC file format ? And what was or is Halo ?
  2. Delete

    Please Delete
  3. Setting COPS Image resolution

    I assume RAT files load faster, cause this TIF file I'm attempting to load is slow due to the file size.
  4. Setting COPS Image resolution

  5. Setting COPS Image resolution

    ARrgh, it keeps reverting back; I tried 36000x2 and same issue.
  6. Setting COPS Image resolution

    @symek We are talking about the resolution panel within the Composite Project Settings ?
  7. Setting COPS Image resolution

    When changing the Resolution from its default, the setting reverts back to the default ?
  8. Setting COPS Image resolution

    Where is settings > main > preferences relating to COPS ? It can't be preferences > compositing as changing the Resolution Limit doesn't remove the error that the image resolution is too large ?
  9. Measure length ?

    I assume 1 meter is one unit within Houdini ? Is it possible to know the real world scale of a mountain ?
  10. noise on z of normal

    How do I apply a procedural noise to the z channel of a normal map ?
  11. OpenGL Texture in the viewport

    @malexander Mostly any tag I add will be a GL parameter, therefore rendering in OpenGL ?
  12. Measure length ?

    @LaidlawFX How can you check that scene scale and that the model is to correct units ? Are you talking about modeling to scale ?
  13. Measure length ?

    How do you measure the length of a displacement or bump / normal in any metric unit of measurement ?
  14. OpenGL Texture in the viewport

    It seems every tag I add to the tags is an GL parameter. For example, if I add OpenGL - Diffuse its assigned the tag name ogl_diff, meanwhile if I add Diffuse Texture Layers - Texture # its assigned ogl_tex#, unless from my understanding this is done automatically ?
  15. At exactly the 37:00 minute of the Houdini 16 Masterclass (Custom Shading). Kai mentions you don't need a HDA to access the Tags for realtime (OpenGL) texture shading; although, when I edit the parameter interface for a material builder, I assume I move the Diffuse Texture Layers from Render Properties to the Existing Parameters then add, for example; Texture#(ogl_tex#) to the Tags on top of what is added by default to the tags, and it will then render the texture in OpenGL, based on the texture in the material builder ?