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  1. Delete grains over volume ?

    I have a simulation but the grains in this case are bleeding over the edge of my extruded volume. How can I delete all those points which go past the extruded volume
  2. Loading Houdini Python modules into Code Issues

    I know about disabling Jedi and allow the Python Language server to take over which fixes the issues that were with Jedi. although, now I'm just having problems getting the environment variable setup specifically within code, hopefully soon
  3. Production with Apprentice ?

    Can you install the production builds when you are only using the apprentice version ?
  4. I recently begun getting these errors when starting Houdini, whereas all my icons are not visible etc ?
  5. The Beauty

    At frame 2:37, I assume he is pushing himself off the ground, but his arm is penetrating the ground. Over all it is good, but since that is a close up shot it may be noticeable.
  6. Motion capture

    How do I run a .cmd file within Houdini ?
  7. Grains go up ?

    @kfu I have a static object, although what do you mean by the interpenetration between grains and static object; as I increased the substeps but that did not solve the problem ?
  8. RBD does not fracture ?

    I must have turned it off, thank you for the help and info
  9. RBD does not fracture ?

  10. Mudbox now Dead

    Autodesk has shut down the Beta forum for Mudbox; so it appears that Mudbox 2019.1 may be the last version of Mudbox, as it's rumored Autodesk may do a EOL on Mudbox. Autodesk focus is only on Maya and to an extent, Max. https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/mudbox-forum/beta-forum-has-been-close-what-now/td-p/8767163
  11. RBD does not fracture ?

    @Sepu The original scene was working without a pack, when adding a pack, it still is not working ?
  12. RBD does not fracture ?

    In the attached scene I have the solver set to bullet but the head does not fall and fracture ? IntroScene.hipnc
  13. Controlling Voronoi though Cluster SOP ?

    The Voronoi fracture sop could preview the name attribute; but when I set the name attribute within the RBD cluster SOP, I can't visualize the pieces; only with the cluster attribute.
  14. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    None of these suggestions are working, I forgot to mentioned it's an extruded volume @cudarsjanis I have the group created then I created a point wrangler with your dot product code but not the result I wanted.
  15. Controlling Voronoi though Cluster SOP ?

    I was not aware of this node; it helped, it adds a cluster primitive attribute.