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  1. inline vop

    @j00ey You have to use the enumerate vop in order to use global attributes which are outside of the material global attributes inside of a inline vop; I thought that was by choice ? I tried, rather then the enumerate vop to use @id; or @id = @id; in a primitive wrangler; and neither worked ? One cannot also do multiple attribute within the enumerate sop as in; @id @primnum etc. If this is the only method by means to get attributes to be applied to the geometry for which the inline vop can read these attributes, only once they are bound in to the material; excluding global variables which are native to the material context those don't need to be bound, if this is all correct ?
  2. inline vop

    @j00ey This is your scene, slightly modified; it renders as strictly white ? B_inline_colour_by_id.hipnc Attached is also my original scene although modified, which renders as simply white, as well ? Sorry, if I should so happen to have missed something before posting the scenes. qa_cinnamonInline.hipnc
  3. inline vop

    Although if you take the scene which I rushed, and fix the errors; and even take your code and paste it into the inline vop of my scene; there are no errors, but it doesn't render the primitives a color ?
  4. inline vop

    I rushed that scene out too fast; hence the errors
  5. inline vop

    You must bind import the attribute; but only attributes which are not global variables used within the material context, otherwise the inline vop can't find the attribute, correct ? Although it is still not working ? See updated attached file. qa_inlinevop.hipnc
  6. inline vop

    I've attached the scene. qa_inlinevop.hipnc
  7. inline vop

    @j00eyUnfortunetly this code is not working; I'm expecting to see color only on the specific primitives but instead I get an error ? $id = 0; if($id > 2 && $id < 10){ $Cd = {0.4,0.5,0.1}; }
  8. inline vop

    In other words you mean; if($id > 2 && $id < 10){ $Cd = {0.4,0.6,0.1}; } And bind $Cd export out ? I don't see primnum working either; I thought you could use that global variable.
  9. inline vop

    Don't you mean, f@value = 2; ? Within the inline vop I have these lines of code; if($primnum > 0.5 && $primnum < 0.45){ $Cd = noise(cos(34)); } Although I don't see any noise applied to only the primitives in the condition ?
  10. inline vop

    @j00ey Why am I getting an error on this line; vector $pntList = set(1,1,1); ? Hopefully you can explain the error in the forEach end block ?
  11. inline vop

    @j00ey When you look in the scene within the inline VOP, there is a variable named $pntColorList. When creating an export variable of the same name, you get an error, although if; as seen in the attached scene you give a different name for the export name, no error is thrown ? Although if I'm correct, the variable $pngList is not accessible for export because the export name is different ? qa_inlinevop.hipnc
  12. inline vop

    @j00ey If I understand correctly, if I make a variable called $pntList and I want to export the variable, I must make a export name called pntList as well; correct ? From my experiments if I do what I mentioned above, I get an error; but if I give the export name a different name then what is the variable within the inline vop; no error is thrown ? Meanwhile you are saying if I use something like the $Cd.r variable I must give an export name of the same variable name, in this case either @Cd or @Cd.r. Although if you supply a different export name, it won't be linked with the variable within the inline vop, correct ?
  13. inline vop

    This is some, well; should be workable garbage code, although I don't know why I'm getting an error; unless I'm doing something wrong ? float $opp; vector $sUV = dPdt; @Cd.r = $sUV;
  14. inline vop

    You mention one can't export parameters which are not defined for output. Although I have a crude test example, which I have a variable within the inline vop but I'm not defining it for export but the inline vop doesn't give me any errors. Why I asked, if you define a variable inside the inline vop without declaring it as an exported parameter, is the variable only being used within the context of the code but not export, unless it is being declared for export ?
  15. inline vop

    By label you mean, if I wanted $pngLng to have a parameter label such as `PointL` ? What if I have a variable called $something but I don't create the same export name, I assume it's only used within the code but can't be exported obviously, correct ?