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  1. thickness to object ?

    How do I get the output back / output back group to be offset to add thickness ?
  2. thickness to object ?

    This question has been asked before but the thread I found on the subject I can't seem to copy; that is, how do I add thickness to an object ?
  3. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    Currently the id=1, although using all the points on the curve won't fit well, I understand; but then you mention, I can use a specific subset of points that I want to use and set the id for that subset to 1 (id=1); although the id is already set to an id=1 ? In using a subset, I can set the focus point although still maintain control of the curve if I don't use a subset; as it is currently ?
  4. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    Has anyone calculated a parabola curve ? I assume I need to get the distance between the two points which make up the curve, or must I get the point value of two points ?
  5. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    I sorta see what you mean; but how do I define which points are filtered out; which will result in different ids ?
  6. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    How do I know where the focus is, when filtering out only points with an id=1, since there are many points with an id=1 ?
  7. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    With a Parabola curve, is there any way to adjust the focus point, the focus point being; the lowest arc in the curve ?
  8. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    It is possible that the control I require is outside of a Parabola, since if I adjust the degree as seen in the image; only the left side of the curve is modified ? As no matter how much I change the degree, the right side of the curve remains the same that is unless there is another way.
  9. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    When changing the degree whether it's 3,4 etc; the point curve which are to the right of the curve, stay the same; they don't change, I want to change both ?
  10. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    There is no way to make the fits dependent on each other ? How do you know if the x-value has no y-values based on the curve, if the id is only set to check for 1 ? It's possible a cubic will work over Quadratic ?
  11. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The documentation states for the polyfit function in numpy if y is 2-D then multiple fits are done both for the x and y; therefore why is the result a 1-D co-efficient ? Invert the curve, if the curve is like a Parabola Curve, flip it; so it's the opposite ?
  12. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    This is what I wanted Although how come the degree only effects the Y but not the X, unless it's due to this line ? points_subset = filter(lambda x: x.attribValue('id') == 1, points) And how would you flip / invert the curve ?
  13. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The red curve circle or curve is what I'm trying to find, the radius in other words Probably not exactly a parabola curve but it's what the shape began anyhow
  14. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The red shape is what I want to get both the height and the radius; I mentioned a Parabola curve as I was informed, as I sorta thought it would be kinda like a Parabola curve ?
  15. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    @Aizatulin Your parabola curve is not a full curve
  16. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    If I get the attribute value for the lowest point, and I square that value that will give me the point value for I assume the base of the parabola curve, then how do I get the radius of the curve ?
  17. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    @srletak I searched for Parabola curve, but my results were empty ? What do you mean qLib ? I don't want to create a Parabola curve from scratch I want to take a range of points and calculate the curve and the distance on the, in this case -Y ?
  18. Align points & curve adjustment

    In the screen shot you see a point select to the left of the curve and a point selected to the right of the curve. There are two things I want to do, first, align all the points of the selected point on the left with the point selected to the right; and second, have the curve gradual into the adjustment, although I'm open to some control ? I'm hoping the Align SOP can accomplish my goal, and the screen shot is showing the results of the PolySpline SOP. Also while I'm on the topic of the PolySpline SOP, any way to eliminate the bunching of points as seen on the end, as they are not uniform ?
  19. Match Size to Scale

    I want the sphere to be smaller then the bounding box of the line but I'm unable to adjust the size of the sphere in match size ? How do you parent a point to the sphere ? matchSize.hipnc
  20. Match Size to Scale

    What I meant was, based on the original scene is; have the sphere to scale based on the length of the line but only, if my measurements are right; a third of the line.
  21. Match Size to Scale

    Get the line length by means of an expression and set that value on the sphere radius ?
  22. Create grey fibers ?

    What would be the best way to model what you see in grey in the image ?
  23. Simple Noiser

  24. Martin's Procedural Setups

    I like the Spider, and the shoe to be specific; what was involved for either ?
  25. What happened to create output groups in the copyToPoints SOP ?