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  1. Convert images using icp ?

    icp: Unable to create PdmNorth.pic (when copying from PDEM_North.tif)
  2. I read you can use icp the command line tool to convert one format to the other. Therefore I run the command icp <ConvertFrom> <ConvertTo> but I get an error; unable to create the <ConvertTo> format file ? In other words, if I want to convert from TIF to PIC, it's unable to convert the file to a PIC file format ? And what was or is Halo ?
  3. Convert images using icp ?

    icp Acme.tif SuperAcme.pic I'm running the command in the same folder as the Acme.tif file within a Houdini command line.
  4. Convert images using icp ?

    How about TIFF to PIC, which gives me an error, `unable to create` ?
  5. Convert images using icp ?

    icp still still a valid command, hopefully someone is familiar or someone can help me to get this to work.
  6. Convert images using icp ?

    I meant icp https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/10013/
  7. Setting COPS Image resolution

    I assume RAT files load faster, cause this TIF file I'm attempting to load is slow due to the file size.
  8. Setting COPS Image resolution

    Where is settings > main > preferences relating to COPS ? It can't be preferences > compositing as changing the Resolution Limit doesn't remove the error that the image resolution is too large ?
  9. Setting COPS Image resolution

  10. Measure length ?

    How do you measure the length of a displacement or bump / normal in any metric unit of measurement ?
  11. Setting COPS Image resolution

    ARrgh, it keeps reverting back; I tried 36000x2 and same issue.
  12. Setting COPS Image resolution

    @symek We are talking about the resolution panel within the Composite Project Settings ?
  13. Setting COPS Image resolution

    When changing the Resolution from its default, the setting reverts back to the default ?
  14. Measure length ?

    I assume 1 meter is one unit within Houdini ? Is it possible to know the real world scale of a mountain ?
  15. At exactly the 37:00 minute of the Houdini 16 Masterclass (Custom Shading). Kai mentions you don't need a HDA to access the Tags for realtime (OpenGL) texture shading; although, when I edit the parameter interface for a material builder, I assume I move the Diffuse Texture Layers from Render Properties to the Existing Parameters then add, for example; Texture#(ogl_tex#) to the Tags on top of what is added by default to the tags, and it will then render the texture in OpenGL, based on the texture in the material builder ?
  16. noise on z of normal

    How do I apply a procedural noise to the z channel of a normal map ?
  17. OpenGL Texture in the viewport

    @malexander Mostly any tag I add will be a GL parameter, therefore rendering in OpenGL ?
  18. Measure length ?

    @LaidlawFX How can you check that scene scale and that the model is to correct units ? Are you talking about modeling to scale ?
  19. OpenGL Texture in the viewport

    It seems every tag I add to the tags is an GL parameter. For example, if I add OpenGL - Diffuse its assigned the tag name ogl_diff, meanwhile if I add Diffuse Texture Layers - Texture # its assigned ogl_tex#, unless from my understanding this is done automatically ?
  20. Normals from Displacement ?

    How do you create normals from displacements ?
  21. Normals from Displacement ?

    What is the difference between the default within the tangentNormal VOP ? Do you mean take the displaceAlongNormal VOP and it's Normal and plug that directly into the N for surface output, if so; good point. Although my ExtraImage Plane Pass still renders black ? If the export in Context from within the bind export node was set to displacements rather then surface; it could export a displacement pass; if I understand this correctly ?
  22. Normals from Displacement ?

    I've attached the scene file; I hope you can find the problem A_Shader.hipnc
  23. Normals from Displacement ?

    I take my displace along normal, plug that into the computeTangents VOP, plug that into the TangentNormal followed by into the displace vop. Then into both a bind export, for a custom tangent normal pass and into the normals of the surfaceOutput. Although when rendering my custom TangentNormal pass, it renders black ?
  24. Normals from Displacement ?

    @davpe What is the difference between Displace Along Normal and Displace, if anything ? Upon rendering, this branch of the material does not render the normal map as it's plugged into the N of the surfaceOutput vop ? Also, how do you add two displacements ?
  25. Control Energy Conservation ?

    I was under the impression when picking colors, it was in sRGB values