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  1. Surface Beveled area ?

    How can I find the angle between the beveled surface and the flat surface. In other words, we are all familiar with how bevel works. In shading I want to get the angle of the primitive beginning from the non-beveled surface to the beveled surface; basically the beveled primitive / surface, followed by doing whatever to the surface of that part of the mesh ? I want shading control over the bevel edges.
  2. Houdini 17 Launch Event

    I guessed beginning of October.
  3. Highlight in viewport ?

    @malexander It's the same setting I had changed, when I set it too 1000 basically the `shadow` appearance disappears although my viewport is slower; as you mention.
  4. Highlight in viewport ?

    I don't have any lights in the scene, although how do I eliminate or fix this highlight that appears on the mesh when rotating the mesh in the viewport ?
  5. Highlight in viewport ?

    @malexanderWhere is the polygon Limit, within the Scene tab of the Display Options ?
  6. Highlight in viewport ?

    It's packed objects. The higher I set the value for Scene Polygon Limit, the less of the `shadow` on the mesh I see but the slower the object is to navigate in the viewport ? Although the `shadow` even when the Scene Polygon Limit is set to an extremely high value, is still present on the mesh ?
  7. Understanding OpenCL ?

    I would like to learn OpenCL is it as straghtforward as simply picking up a book on it and from there I can begin to control voxels etc; or is there more, which I'm unaware of ?
  8. I can apply some deformations to one mesh and have those deformations be applied to multiple meshes. Is it possible to UV one mesh or piece and essentially do whatever to the one mesh/piece but then have a displacement map be applied to all the other pieces. Without having to UV each piece, and export each piece into a sculpting package for example ?
  9. Zero out vector lengths ?

    If a vector has a length, how do you zero out those lengths as I'm iterating over all the vector lengths but I want those a specific length to be zeroed out, giving them a vector of 0
  10. File Cache SOP / checking for "dirtiness"

    @pezetkomind sharing your code; and where it is run as I see there is a new parameter inside the file cache node ?
  11. Never forget the real time ray trace reflections, when holding the card up; I guess it's an inside joke one can only say if they've watched the full presentation.
  12. Vector maths basics

    Vectors always start at the origin, that is how you get the length when adding two vectors.
  13. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I hope Polydraw lives up to it's expectations as I'm looking for a traditional modeling package. Although skeptical of Modo and I don't want a full blown package such as Maya strictly for modeling.
  14. Static Pieces in simulation ?

    I have a RBD simulation but after some frames, the pieces or debris, rather then falling they remain static ?
  15. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Nodes that have side connections. One can connect a parameter, typically a null and not have the parameter null isolated on it's own within the network view.
  16. subdata records ?

    I assume when you say importing just Geometry in a DOP Import you mean; /obj/geo1/sim(DOP Network)/rbdpackedobject1/geometry ? What must you connect the import/output of either a DOP Import, or DOP I/O node ? When I mentioned I was able to access the position subdata only once, I meant without the use of any DOP Import, DOP Import Fields / DOP I/. I had selected a node whether within the DOP Network or the SOP Network and although I couldn't tell you as to what I did, as I only had done it once; I saw the position data, as well as some other subdata attributes, since then I can't recall how I found it ?
  17. subdata records ?

    Where can I find subdata records used in simulations ?
  18. subdata records ?

    I was able to access the position subdata once, and since that one time, I can't gain access to it as I'm having some difficulty re-gaining access to the Geometry ? I can locate the bullet subdata when inside a DOP network, rather then a AutoDOPNetwork considering there one in the same from what I know.
  19. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Hopefully we get surprised.
  20. subdata records ?

    @anim What part of the tree, this part ? I see hexidemical data but nothing that pertains to attribute names ?
  21. subdata records ?

    I understand how the tree view is laid out, and I see for example rbdpackedobject1 there is; basic, options, transforms & impacts. Is there not a list to see, or is it completely hidden ? I want to know if there is a list of these subdata records which can be exposed ? Or must I know exactly the attribute which is contained with the subdata records, but how can I know the exact name if I don't know what exists ?
  22. Channel parameter from a variable

    @Atom I was not talking about storing a value associated with a node, rather using a variable in a string expression.
  23. subdata records ?

    @anim I've searched within the Geometry Spreadsheet as well as read most of the page to which you linked. While in a DOP Network I'm searching, but I'm not finding the subdata records ?
  24. subdata records ?

    Within the Geometry folder of the DOP Network ? If so I'm looking in that area, I don't see any subdata records ? How do you know what Data Path & records you want to import ? Similar question to the other two questions
  25. Channel parameter from a variable

    @AtomIs this the same as putting a expression variable inside a string expression which the user can then enter some text (string of characters) ? For example, suppose you have a expression variable $SuperDuper when using that expression variable, the user is then prompt for some text, and so the text entered by the user, replaces the expression variable ?