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  1. Particles not sticking to volume ?

    I'm advecting the particles by a volume but the problem is the particles are not sticking to the geometry as they were with the RaySOP. The points are hovering over the geometry, how can this be fixed ?
  2. Covid will delay H18.5?

    The first half of this year is shot, the second half of the year will be like waking up out of deep sleep.
  3. Delete points based on Ray Cast values ?

    I figured it out
  4. Delete points based on Ray Cast values ?

    How can I delete points where there is not a float point attribute. For example, I created a float point attribute on the geometry and where that attribute doesn't exist on the geometry the points \ particles are deleted; or better yet, using the raysop, ray cast particles only where a float point attribute exists on the geometry when the particles go outside of this attribute on the geometry, the particles are deleted ?
  5. Delete points based on Ray Cast values ?

    I'm importing the hit attribute and that seems to do the Job.
  6. Delete points based on Ray Cast values ?

    Another way to put it is this; How can I create an attribute for the Ray SOP which will project those points which the attribute has applied to the target geometry based on an attribute on the geometry ? haspointattrib() may be what I need for the geometry.
  7. I'm having a problem, particles are emitting from both my scattered points and a cube; how can I split the two meshes so I can have the particles emit only from the scattered points ?
  8. Delete Particles which are Planer ?

    How do I delete using one of the hit attributes the particles in this case which are ray cast on a surface and that surface is planer (flat) and only those particles which are on a planer surface, if the surface is not planer the particles remain ?
  9. How can I run an expression on the group rename sop that runs over a parameter within the sop ?
  10. Direction Attribute from Color ?

    I have it figured out, I had to make some adjustments to the ray casting.
  11. How do I create a direction vector attribute from color (Cd.r) ?
  12. Direction Attribute from Color ?

  13. Direction Attribute from Color ?

    @Librarian Except when I attempt to use a Ray sop, along with a point sop, the point doesn't cast onto the attribute from your scene ? @anim Similar issue, I'm getting values using the measure sop, set to gradient; but, the ray sop doesn't case what I want to the geometry in this case for example, a point ?
  14. Conform points to primitive attribute value

    If anyone has any suggestions, I created an integer attribute and whether it be the Intersect vop or the Ray SOP so the points cast only on the integer attribute, rather then a vector attribute. I've tried binding an integer attribute and using that in an attribute vop but it doesn't cast ?
  15. How can I get points to conform to primitives from a vector attribute value ?
  16. Conform points to primitive attribute value

    That isn't working as I want. I give the vector attribute direction but the points are not casting to that attribute.
  17. The geometry has red and black color, the points coming in are particles; I only want the particles to intersect with the parts of the geometry which are red. The parameter is to control if I want some particles to bleed into the black areas of the geometry. Although neither is working, the particles are intersecting with both the black and red parts of the geometry ? As well, I want to open the point clouds based on the dot product of the particle normal and the surface normal, I'm assuming I should use the UVW of the intersect for the position and the primitive of the intersect as the maxpoints, which I can then control the radius of how many points I want to open ?
  18. The point have no color on them, only the geometry, are you saying to transfer the Cd.r from the geometry to the points; the points still won't confine to the red areas of the geometry; as well as I want that bleed.
  19. I want the particles to slide only on the parts of the geometry which are red, not the black areas, but using a parameter having some control whether some of the particles bleed into the semi-black areas is required.
  20. Fluid_Liquid_Sphere.hipnc I kept the attributevop network from your post; rather then my own.
  21. The points continue to project on the black as well as the red.
  22. How do I get points to only effect the @Cd.r of the geometry; the current way is not working; the intersect is casting rays on the whole geometry regardless of the color on the geometry ?
  23. Keyframing with Python seems buggy?

    I have to slightly Hijack this thread, hopefully @Atom can respond or anyone. Can one load Python modules inside the Python SOP have it being loaded ?
  24. Create own height-field ?

    I understand what it's doing internally Thanks
  25. Create own height-field ?

    It appears to me height fields are just VDB, how can I construct my own height field using VDB's ?