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  1. I work on Windows and the total render time is not displayed in the log. But ideally, I would like to get time as in Mantra.
  2. Unfortunately, this is not what I would like at this point. I cannot find anywhere else how to get the render time in seconds.
  3. Thank you for fast reply! "Render Time" aov. Where can i find it?
  4. Hi everybody! Share your methods of debugging a render time in houdini, how it can be registered for each frame. Perhaps there is a way to display the render time over the frame, for subsequent comparison? Thanks!
  5. Hello people! Please tell me how to build the material networks correctly. For example I have an object with different components and different materials. I need to apply one mask for all materials (such as dirt).I can create the mask on the top level and bring out parameters for all materials to connect it. Seems it works and i can export the general mask as image component. But all other export components which were created in the individual materials level do not work now. Please tell me how to build such a connection properly. Thank! matnet_v01.hipnc
  6. Hi guys! perhaps you will help me. I have a smoke source which i created by particles it has initial velociti. The velocity has cone shape direction. During the simulation when density goes beyond initial vel field it travels in a straight line. I need the fast, continuous flow of density in cone-shaped direction like exhaust. How i can get it? Thank you. test_v01.0.hipnc
  7. How to attach the rbd to wire?

    Hi guys! I had a misunderstanding about relationship of rbd - wire objects. I'm trying to attach rbd to the wire by hard constraint and this gives the result of a one-way rbd effect on the wire. Maybe if we need attach the wire to wall or to electric poles this is will work but what if there is a situation where we need mutual influence on each other, for example Christmas lights, rope ladder or necklace. What constraints we need to use for this? I found the example https://vimeo.com/31314814 but I did not understand how it can be used for several objects. I prepared the simple scene where one sphere should be hang on the wire. How can we do it? Thank you! rbd-wire_constraint.hipnc
  8. Material instances

    Thank you so much!
  9. Hello people! Help to understand the situation. How properly to get render for instances or packed disk primitive? I have a digital asset that copied to points like instances and in this case he loses material. How can I hold the material and then cache geometry to disk for further loading it like packed disk primitive? Thank you! instance_shading.hipnc
  10. how to repair topology

    Thank you my friend! it's nice!
  11. Hi people! Please tell me how to properly fix the topology. After using the boolean operation I'm getting a problem with the topology. What should I do to apply extruding correct after boolean operation. I tried use the sop Clean and sop PolyDoctor, this did not work. Thank you! topology_repair.hipnc
  12. orient primitive normals

    This is what i need! Thank you very much!
  13. orient primitive normals

    Group SOP is good way but I need to do this automatically, define the conditions by which I could understand the direction of the normal, depending on these conditions make corrections. Thanks very much for your response. orient_normals_v01.hipnc
  14. hi guys! I need your help! After some actions I got the incorrect orient primitive normals. How do I can orient it properly procedural, how do I can understand what current direction for current polygon, and then revers it or do nothing? I need it for further extruding.