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  1. Necklace Simulation

    ok i found this thread, and my prayers where aswered https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61560/ i post here my own file with minor tweaks. Necklace_sim.hip
  2. Necklace Simulation

    How can i make the torus hang from the wire? Necklace_sim.hip
  3. Get output of previous node in PDG?

    after a few days of vacation i used the python processor node and the code the author of the topic posted and everything works. I was trying to use this code inside a python expression in order to set the filerename "newfilepath" but i don't know what went wrong.
  4. Get output of previous node in PDG?

    no its not working. i am trying to write a python expression in the file rename to get the output file path and do some string operations later, but its like impossible to get it. this.index is working but i still haven't figured out how to get the output
  5. Get output of previous node in PDG?

    i am struggling with the same problem. i want to get the output of the current work item but this is not working. Can you share a hip file?
  6. I have 80 variations of my geo. each one 48 frames of animation i want to make a montage for every 4 variations and end up with 20 videos, instead of one huge video with all 80 variations animating. The screenshot i have attached is the latter - all variation animating in one video
  7. TOPs Flipbook - overlay text

    Found the problem. Inside the OpenGL rop my scene path and camera path needed to be relative paths for some reason. So obj/cam became ../../../../cam ofcourse thats not very clean. I am missing something obvious i think, but it works now
  8. TOPs Flipbook - overlay text

    So you need to create a camera apparently for this to work. But the problem now is that my flipbook render is black - nothing gets rendered (?). Here is an updated version of the test file. PDG_test.hip
  9. I am trying to do a seemingly simple task for each wedge : 1) export my generated geo as an obj 2) export a jpg image from flipbook (openGL render) 3) overlay on top of that my wedge values. I have no idea what am i doing wrong here... PDG_test.hip
  10. Curveu Noise

    i solved the problem using the attribute noise SOP to break up the original curveu attribute.
  11. Curveu Noise

    i have a curve that is deforming and the topology is changing. So i cant use rest attribute if i use a noise function it is point dependent and so gradually the curveu noise changes on my curve. How can i add a noise to the curveu attribute independent of the points? I want it to be static, somehow based on the curveu attribute so that it sticks on my curve no matter the deformation. I can do this manually with a ramp parameter of course but i want it to be procedural with a seed value. Essentially i want to do exactly what the ramp parameter does - remapping the curveu attribute - but using a noise Any tips?
  12. Output Geo AND point cloud for instancing in Unity

    Take a look at this thread https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/79426/?page=1#post-341151 be sure to download the latest houdini build https://www.sidefx.com/download/daily-builds/?daily=true&python3=true
  13. On one stream I have points scattered with a unity_instance attribute. On the second stream i have geo - for example a cube When i load the hda into unity the instances are not working - they dont get created at all and i only see the geo. If i load the hda with the geo (cube) disconnected from the hda output in Houdini, and rebuild in Unity then the instancing works but ofcourse i dont have my geo Why is this happening?! Any tips i have missed in the documentation?
  14. Unity HDA output curve

    I have an HDA that i am using in Unity that outputs some meshes. How can i output a curve together with the meshes as its own gameobject? even if i put the curve in its own group (points or prims) it does not appear in the Unity editor
  15. Mulitple Pop source emitters

    thank you i tried the first option you mentioned and it worked for me!