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  1. Tried to bump up my viewport settings to get smooth shadows but they are still pretty coarse and as my object is moving the shadows flicker as well. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. Is there a way to connect the octane shader in Solaris to a collect node in order to be able to switch between renderers? There is no shader output by default
  3. short answer was to just export an fbx. turns out animation gets baked automatically
  4. I am trying out Octane in Solaris, but i can't find some of the options that usually live on the obj level, like OpenSubdiv and Tessellations, essentially the object Octane settings. Any idea where are those? Also how can i set the default Octane render settings? Display Options --> Render , is empty (same goes for my HoudiniGL settings, its empty.) Also i had to search in the forums to find the latest OctaneSolarisStudio 2021.1.6.0 for Houdini_19.5.368 its not production ready yet? Sorry lots of questions, i just installed everything and i am trying to establish the basics, like where are all the settings i was using in SOPs
  5. i have animated some packed primitives using MOPs, can i bake their animation to keyframes? Cinema 4d and Blender have this functionality as far as i know. How would i do this in Houdini? Any articles, topics, tutorials or example scenes available? i have only found examples to get keyframes if you have an expression generating your animation. I have a bunch of packed prims moving around as a result of various MOPS operators and all that ends up in a Null. How can bake my prims translations to keyframes? bake.rar
  6. i have attached my test file, if you could take a look. I am doing my animation using mops, so i am working with packed primitives. I have made a hierarchical packing because it was needed for my project. i unpack and animate the primitives of each level. In the end i have the last level of packed primitives and i save that as alembic
  7. Thank you haggi! yeah already tried those. it did decrease the filesize but it is still much higher than a still alembic export. The one i am exporting is around 5mb static alembic and 80mb animated alembic(650frames) with packed primitives and no attributes...the geometry setting set to Transform Geometry as well.
  8. Is there a way to reduce the filesize of this animation considering i am only transforming geo not deforming. Ideally the rop file would just save the geo just one time and then only changes in the transforms. Also can i do this with an FBX alembic.rar
  9. solution was to set a group for the uvlayout and then check "Avoid packing over non group islands"
  10. i have uvs for my geo but there is still space for more. i would like to pack the uvs of a second geo into the existing uvs of the first geo without moving what's already in place. Essentially i want to pack the second geo around the uvs of the first. Makes sense? is this possible?
  11. trying to export VAT for an animated geo. The animation in Unity seems exaggerated. its not correct Can someone export the vertex textures to check in Unity? i cant pinpoint the source of the problem, but i think it is related to the original geometry and not the unity settings regular sphere with an animated noise works, but this particular geo for some reason doesnt do well with VAT Any advice will be much appreciated head.abc test.hip
  12. i found a way to use a python library to create a popup window, but i'd like to see if houdini offers any tools for custom popups https://qiita-com.translate.goog/70_cg_art/items/2cf6a4b82b23a0f303ad?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=el
  13. i making a shelf tool and i'd like to have a popup window with a custom interface appear. is this possible? i'd like to have a node selector, a directory selector and a dropdown can't seem to find any info on custom ui from SideFX documentation
  14. i have a walking cycle motionclip and a head turn motionclip. How can i have a walking cycle with the tun head animation applied? I just want to apply the head animation from the 'head turn' to the walking cycle essentially. must be pretty obvious but i am quite new at this and struggling with the basics
  15. curvature would be perfect if there was some kind of threshold. remapping curvature to 0-1 and ramping it doesn't change anything.
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