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  1. Is there an easy way without compositing for an object to have a self-shadow but to not cast a shadow on other objects in the scene?
  2. Add to group and track age

    my bad, it was really late when i checked the file. Thanks again!
  3. Add to group and track age

    it works like a charm thank you!! The birth attribute is not quite right for some reason. i was expecting an integer for each prim that doesn't change over time Also how can i extrude or transform those newly created pieces, while deleting their previous non deformed/transformed state? is it doable in the same solver?because i ve been at it for some hours with no luck although it seems straightforward (sorry the second file is my hacky way) add_to_group_and_track_age.hip add_to_group_and_track_age.hip
  4. i am trying to do the same but have the new prims added to a group of their own to track their birth and age. the purpose of this is to isolate every frame only the primitives that have just been added to the group and do something like subdivide them only when they are born and track their age add_to_group_and_track_age.hip
  5. i have an initial selection of primitives that i append to over time. How can i track the birth and age of the newly added primitives in the group? i m stuck in the birth-age problem, but i have managed to isolate the newly added prims to the existing group. add_to_group_and_track_age.hip
  6. Curve network - group branches

    ok i found a solution in case anyone is interested. instead of checking each point i look at the primitives. in a primitive wrangle i look if any of the end points have less than two neighbors. i put that in a for loop with some iterations in case there are branches on branches. like ten iterations. before i had to go up to 100 and more to get rid of all the points, int pts[] = primpoints(0,@primnum); int f = pts[0]; int l = pts[-1]; int fn = neighbourcount(0,f); int ln = neighbourcount(0,l); if(fn<2 || ln<2) removeprim(0,@primnum,1);
  7. Is there an easy way to identify the dead-end branches of a curve network? so far i have a point wrangle that removes points if their neighbors are less than 2, but that is heavily depended on the iterations and it takes a lot of iterations to clean up a network from branches and keep only the closed loops. Any ideas?
  8. UVs - snap U to grid

    i have this ribbon-like geo unwrapped with UV Flatten. How can i equalize the distances on U?
  9. Cut Mesh with Curve

    This seems to work for me! without gaps though Split_grid_with_curves.hipnc
  10. Biased Blur

    Here is some progress blur_to_target.hip
  11. Biased Blur

    i am trying to blur out an attribute but have the values weighted towards a target value. Is blurring the right way to go, or is this something entirely different that i cant think of right now?
  12. i want to override the resolution of my camera through the switcher object and then render with opengl. its not working for some reason. The attached scene is the example file from the documentation. Mantra works but OpenGL doesn't! Why is that? is there a workaround? Switcher_res_override.hip
  13. how to update a menu items (not using menu script)

    The above solution worked if i cooked the python script , BUT i wanted to output geometry after the python script in my original file so in order for the callback script to evaluate for every workitem i had to write the same python script inside the Rop geometry output-->Scripts-->Pre-Render Script set to python. is there a better way? evaluate_callback_script.hip
  14. how to update a menu items (not using menu script)

    i am having a similar issue. i am using PDG to wedge an integer Menu which has a callback script. The callback script is not evaluated however when i click on the workitems. The menu item changes but the callback script never gets triggered. here is a demo file where i am using a python script TOP node after the wedge hou.node("...").parm("..").pressButton() but its not working aslo i tried directly evaluating the function in my pytohn module but that didnt work as well hou.node.("...").hdaModule().test() evaluate_callback_script.hip
  15. HDA Module double evaluates

    i think this is happening because i had an other instance of my hda placed somewhere in my graph. because the script is onUpdate maybe its evaluating on both nodes?that's weird