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  1. Volume source random activation

    Is possible to have my particles from the volume source activated at different frames? i am using a noise that i remap to frames to control which parts of my geo get activated when
  2. Analogous Colors

    thanks!! i managed to do something like this in vops
  3. Analogous Colors

    I would like to color a set of primitives using random analogous color pairs. (or triadic/tetradic etc) The color sop node provides this information but only as a guide to choose from. How would i go about this? i suppose vex is the way to go but i don't have a clue as to which functions or what method should be used. Any tips?
  4. As you can see in the screenshot the rop composite is not outputting the correct file name (tralala is just a test lol) the three numbers you see in front of the filename '115' is the wedgenum attribute. i dont know where is that coming from. What am i doing wrong?
  5. although the alignment problem is fixed i can see that the items are not being packed very efficiently. Here are two screenshots one with islands enabled and another without. you can clearly see the difference
  6. I want to know if a group exists in my geo stream. Found a solution in this old topic but doesnt seem to work Any ideas? check_for_group.hip
  7. 8260: Fatal error: Segmentation fault

    updating the gpu drivers seems to have fixed the problem so far
  8. ok i fixed it, the problem was the axis alignment option. it should be set to None not Island symmetry
  9. i am trying to layout some pieces of geometry on surface. Those pieces are made of other pieces so i create an island attribute for the uv layout node to use and pack them as a whole and not each object individually. The problem is that although i have selected no rotations as you can see the uvlayout node rotates them anyway. Anyone else having the same problem? Is there some obvious mistake that i am missing?
  10. i a using COP net to generate normal map from geo and i keep having these fatal errors each time i change something in the graph. Can i fix this or is it because COPs is a bit old as i understand it? others fatal errors that crashed my file 1424 8552 1256 5832 and many more.. i dont know if these numbers are important
  11. FONT SOP - detail attribute

    thank you! its working, i was stuck with detail("../data","attribute",0).. (sorry the price attribute was from the project file)
  12. I have tried a lot of stuff and found topics on this problem but nothing seems to work. I want to pass string and float detail attributes to the Font SOP. How can this be done? fontsop.hip
  13. Subdivision render artifact

    thank you! i ended up bricking up the ngon with a divide node and the artifacts are gone.
  14. Subdivision render artifact

    after the subdivide node you can see these star shaped polygons appear and as a result produce render artifacts. How can i fix this? subdivision is not really needed in the center of the circular polygon but mostly on its edges so that they get rounded along with the rim.
  15. Processing folder of textures COPs / TOPs?

    So i had to remove the extra file node inside the rop composite. My final graph is the one you see in the attached images. I didnt change any settings except the naming of my output images in the rop composite node. i just referenced the pdg_id attribute $HIP/render/`@pdg_id`.jpg i couldnt find a way to get the name from the input images. Any tips appreciated!