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  1. VDB Curvature Flow

    @konstantin magnus thank you!!
  2. VDB Curvature Flow

    is this for calculating the gradient y component of a volume? you are using points so i guess not. its working with a polygon mesh input 0 and a volume in 1. Could you provide an example scene?
  3. VDB Curvature Flow

    This is so helpful! thank you for sharing! Is it aslo possible to get the gradient y component of a volume like you do with a measure sop on meshes?
  4. Build list of a certain type of parameter on a node.

    Just what i was looking for! How can you remove parameters??
  5. i am using python to create a file SOP assign a path and import a bgeo file. After that i am creating some more nodes in my graph and i need a primitive name attribute from that bgeo. From primitive 0 prim = filenode.prim(0) #get first primitive of node filenode name = prim.attribValue("name") #get primitive attribute name This throws an error ----> AttributeError: 'SopNode' object has no attribute 'prim' Is it possible to read the attribute?
  6. Diving inside the network i can see the rop fbx responsible for exporting the low res fbx geo. I am trying to do the same thing in an other setup but i cant figure out how does it get triggered. Usually you have to press the Save button or build a TOP network. i dont see any TOP networks inside the HDA
  7. I have observed a very weird bug. I am using a python node to create a bunch of file SOP nodes and bring in fbx files from a folder. The bug is that the uvs are messed up in comparison to doing it manually where i place a file sop node and select my model - the uvs are fine. Anyone else noticed that? Is this a bug or is my code broken? demo_scene.hip
  8. Bake lightmap Mantra

    Is there a way to export just one jpg of the "direct" channel for each UDIM? So far i have managed to export an exr with the final rendered texture, the direct illumination. If i export as jpg the result are really funny colors i guess because both channels are merged? How can i export only one channel?
  9. i would like to have a button to trigger a cook from my HDA. How can i go about that? Do i need a python script?
  10. Digital Assets and the Tab menu

    yes i can apparently
  11. Digital Assets and the Tab menu

    How can i make a submenu inside Digital Assets to store specific HDAs? Asset Manager - select the HDA i want - right click Type Properties - Interactive -Shelf Tools - Context - TAB Submenu Path - currently set to Digital Assets can i write something like Digital Assets/Custom Menu ?
  12. Export heightfield flow vector field

    its just an eroded terrain demoscene.hip
  13. Export heightfield flow vector field

    So i haven't found a way to export the process of hydro erosion as a vector field, so i took a step in another direction Scattering a bunch of points on top of the final terrain and using a SOP solver to simulate waterflow downhill. I append a trail SOP right after and these lines can now be turned into a volume. If anyone has a better idea please share.
  14. Python 3

    ok so as i understand the version of Houdini i have ships with python 3.7.4 compatibility. So i followed this very helpful tutorial from entagma and all is well. Still i dont know if you can update your python but my other questions were answered in the tutorial. Thanks Entagma!
  15. Python 3

    I have two questions 1) how can i can update python 3.7.4 to the latest version Houdini 18.5.596 installed python 3 as far as i can tell, i previously had only 2.7 installed on my pc. Does this mean python 3 is available only for Houdini? How can i update 2) How can i pip install packages to that directory? This has been a problem before and i had to change pip to install by default inside the houdini python directory. Before that i would copy the packages from the default directory in C:/Python27 to the Houdini one. Is this really that complicated or am i doing something wrong? ideally i would like to have one place to store packages outside Houdini - the default directory that gets created when installing python on your computer. Just install python 3, pip install anything i need and have houdini use those.