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  1. I have this mesh of a road for an architectural project. The texture i want to apply needs to flow with the direction of the road. for the intersections i was thinking i could blend a different material similar to the directional one but without a lot of directional elements. Perhaps a modified version of the first one. How can generate the correct uvs? i know this is done easily with a sweep which generates uvs automatically, so i was thinking i could replicate my road with sweep geo somehow and then attribute transfer the uvs, but maybe someone knows a better way Roadremesh.obj
  2. Polyextrude - transform extruded front - by attribute

    Thank you!!! i see you are using matrix operations as well. Could you explain a bit more that last wrangle where you perform the scale?
  3. Polyextrude - transform extruded front - by attribute

    I wanted to do non uniform scaling only on the Y axis. So I guess a foreach loop is my only option
  4. Hello, inside a polyextrude SOP node i have ticked the "transform extruded front" option and i want to scale depending on the @primnum, but the attribute is not recognized. i am using this expression fit(rand(@primnum * 123), 0.0, 1.0, 0.2, 1.2) there is no zscale attribute equivalent, how can i go about this without creating a foreach loop?
  5. Sort points

    thank you very much for the detailed explanation, i am going to study this and try to find what was wrong with my vex its really frustrating when you cant find your mistake
  6. Sort points

    I am trying to find points with the same xz but different y. Keep the lowest and highest of each xz pile . Make a new clean polyline from those. i need some help with my vex code, argsort isnt working as i expected, i cant find out why sort.hip
  7. orient grids to origin by edge

    thanks a lot for the help, this was really usefull!
  8. orient grids to origin by edge

    almost there, one problem i see is that the plane normals are not all facing the same way. Also if i transform them at the origin can place them back at their original positions? orient plane.hip
  9. orient grids to origin by edge

    thank you! i m not sure if i implemented your methods correctly but they are not working orient planes.hip
  10. I have some randomly rotated grids in 3d space that i'd like to orient to the origin on XZ plane (flat on the ground) and have the longest edge align with the Z axis. How can i figure out each grid's transform and orient and reset it. Controlling the way it gets oriented (longest edge) is important for UVing later