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  1. how to update a menu items (not using menu script)

    The above solution worked if i cooked the python script , BUT i wanted to output geometry after the python script in my original file so in order for the callback script to evaluate for every workitem i had to write the same python script inside the Rop geometry output-->Scripts-->Pre-Render Script set to python. is there a better way? evaluate_callback_script.hip
  2. how to update a menu items (not using menu script)

    i am having a similar issue. i am using PDG to wedge an integer Menu which has a callback script. The callback script is not evaluated however when i click on the workitems. The menu item changes but the callback script never gets triggered. here is a demo file where i am using a python script TOP node after the wedge hou.node("...").parm("..").pressButton() but its not working aslo i tried directly evaluating the function in my pytohn module but that didnt work as well hou.node.("...").hdaModule().test() evaluate_callback_script.hip
  3. HDA Module double evaluates

    i think this is happening because i had an other instance of my hda placed somewhere in my graph. because the script is onUpdate maybe its evaluating on both nodes?that's weird
  4. HDA Module double evaluates

    i am using on Update script to test a function, it was working fine until it started double printing data. i replaced everything with just a print function and still the problem remains. is there a fix for this? i tried the same in a python sop and it only evaluates once as it should
  5. Here is an updated version. I think the way i iterate through the different resolutions is ok as a workflow, if anyone knows a better way i would be very interested. But i still haven't found a way to use the primitive name attribute for the bake texture filenames. How would i do that? baketextures.hip
  6. I have a a scene i want to bake lightmaps for, but for some assets i need the resolution of the bake to be higher or lower based on a primitive attribute. Also i need the name primitive attribute to appear on the final jpg file. i have already put together a small test scene using tops but its too slow and a bit of a hacky setup. i am sure there must be a better way. I also made a simple bake setup without PDG to compare the render time and even if i have only one wedge, setting the resolution to 256 for all UDIMS, so only one final workitem that gets sent to the bake texture rop, the cook time is 3 times slower than if i just did a simple bake texture without using PDG and just setting the bake texture resolution to 256. Which i find weird Any ideas? baketextures.hip
  7. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    after some experimentation and some sidefx forum insight, UDIMS on U need to be from 0-10 but on V there is no restriction
  8. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    i had the same issue with some of my udims coming out black. The problem was the udim index. If the tile was pretty far from the 0-10 range the render came out black. i used a uv transform to bring them closer to the 0-10 range and it worked. Also if i left any space between the udims the render also came out black. couldnt find any information on udims on houdini documentation. like index restriction etc. Anyone else having the same problem?
  9. got it! thank you!!
  10. how can i delete/create nodes in a locked hda from the python module? i am using a button with a callback script that runs a delete() function for n in node.children(): n.destroy(True) i get an error message that i don't have permissions because the asset is locked. Is there a way around this? callback_parm_kwargs_hda_node.hip
  11. what do you mean predefine it as editable? in the node tab there is the "Editable Nodes" field, but that concerns a specific nodes inside the hda. i wanted a locked asset i can pass around to other creators where they would press a button and create a bunch of nodes, press another and delete them. without having access to the network inside.
  12. PYTHON - Access primitive attribute on newly created node

    the answer was this after i create my file sop and read from disk prim = filenode.geometry().prim(0) name = prim.attribValue('name')
  13. i am using python to create a file SOP assign a path and import a bgeo file. After that i am creating some more nodes in my graph and i need a primitive name attribute from that bgeo. From primitive 0 prim = filenode.prim(0) #get first primitive of node filenode name = prim.attribValue("name") #get primitive attribute name This throws an error ----> AttributeError: 'SopNode' object has no attribute 'prim' Is it possible to read the attribute?
  14. VDB Curvature Flow

    @konstantin magnus thank you!!
  15. VDB Curvature Flow

    is this for calculating the gradient y component of a volume? you are using points so i guess not. its working with a polygon mesh input 0 and a volume in 1. Could you provide an example scene?
  16. VDB Curvature Flow

    This is so helpful! thank you for sharing! Is it aslo possible to get the gradient y component of a volume like you do with a measure sop on meshes?
  17. Build list of a certain type of parameter on a node.

    Just what i was looking for! How can you remove parameters??
  18. Diving inside the network i can see the rop fbx responsible for exporting the low res fbx geo. I am trying to do the same thing in an other setup but i cant figure out how does it get triggered. Usually you have to press the Save button or build a TOP network. i dont see any TOP networks inside the HDA
  19. I have observed a very weird bug. I am using a python node to create a bunch of file SOP nodes and bring in fbx files from a folder. The bug is that the uvs are messed up in comparison to doing it manually where i place a file sop node and select my model - the uvs are fine. Anyone else noticed that? Is this a bug or is my code broken? demo_scene.hip
  20. Bake lightmap Mantra

    Is there a way to export just one jpg of the "direct" channel for each UDIM? So far i have managed to export an exr with the final rendered texture, the direct illumination. If i export as jpg the result are really funny colors i guess because both channels are merged? How can i export only one channel?
  21. i would like to have a button to trigger a cook from my HDA. How can i go about that? Do i need a python script?
  22. Digital Assets and the Tab menu

    yes i can apparently
  23. Digital Assets and the Tab menu

    How can i make a submenu inside Digital Assets to store specific HDAs? Asset Manager - select the HDA i want - right click Type Properties - Interactive -Shelf Tools - Context - TAB Submenu Path - currently set to Digital Assets can i write something like Digital Assets/Custom Menu ?
  24. Export heightfield flow vector field

    its just an eroded terrain demoscene.hip
  25. How can export the flow of the water as a vector field after the erode node? i would like to import my terrain to unity and have the resulting rivers from the erosion flow using a flowmap or a volume perhaps? is it possible?