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  1. Hi Anyone knows any online service who can deliver the render in full commercial form. Eg:- i am using houdini apprentice, and i want to render a project in full commercial license. But since houdini fx is expensive and i dont have much income coming, i dont wanna buy houdini fx but i want something rendered out in licensed version. Therefore am looking for a online service ,where i pay less to make commerical render from my .hipnc file.
  2. Hi, I'm pretty sure this is a simple question but i can't seem to solve it. I want some particles to emit between a certain number of frames and again start and stop in different frame number. ie for eg :- Starts from 1 and stops at 10th frame then again start from may be 15 to 20 What would be the expression for this, i'm using "$F >1 && $F<10", it works, but then i don't know how to get them to start again from 15 and stops at 20th frame. in the same . This is for Impulse Activation (in POPnet) Any help would be really great. Thanks
  3. RenderFarm

    HI, any suggestion for houdini mantra online render farm ? i have contacted grid Market. any other ?
  4. RENDER Problem Ocean Spectrum

    HI, I havent changed the camera or culling...its just a basic ocean surface and its interior. But i do have ocean foam which is based on camera, which i dont think thats the cause for this weird issue.
  5. HI , I was rendering Ocean using Ocean spectrum and surface, nothing advanced , but I'm getting this weird issue. When I render out in 540p, everything is as it should be but when I render it out in 720p, some parts of it is missing and when I render it out in 1080p, even more parts are missing. So i decided to change the camera angle just for testing, and there it is, everything is perfect, no cutting the edge or anything been noticed, even in FUll HD. I have attached all 4. (in the top view render you can notice the shape of my Ocean, Actually Those are only area i want to render, so ignore the shape ). Please Help me out.
  6. Fluid Boolean

    HI, How do i boolean(subtract or intersect) a poly soup? i wanted to subtract some of the part of my particle surface fluid. since the fluid is in polysoup, how do i boolean(substact) a polysoup. ?
  7. HI I know This is a kind of basic and lazy stupid question. the question is how do you find if there is same piece number has been shared by two or more pieces ? For eg:- if you made 4 or 5 different fracture using the combination of voronoi and Boolean and you don't really know that if you named them correctly . but during the sim you noticed that some pieces are together. and you are lazy to go through all the pieces number in geo spreadsheet. what would be the easy and quick way to find two or more pieces are sharing the same piece number. ?? Like a filter or something. i usually go to the view port and press 9 and toggle to name. then i move the mouse around the pieces. but then you dont really know if some pieces are shared with some really small piece.
  8. Fractured piece to grains Effect

    I am sorry. how do i bring in the cache as a mesh sequence?.
  9. Hi, I am doing a personal project of iceberg destruction, and i want one of the fractured piece to behave differently like when it lands on the ground. i want them to be very small pieces like a dust. so i thought the best approach for that effect would be, make them to "grain". therefore, to get that effect, what i did was, i blast one of the piece from the simulation ,which i want them to be behave like a dust, on hitting the ground. unfortunately, i have noticed that ,since its a fractured and already has a simulation. when i apply grain source , the grain source point moves in every frame as it goes to the ground. I know point deform would fix something like that. but since i am newbie, i dont know how to fix this. I have attached a test. please have a look. if you dont understand what i said. Grain.hipnc
  10. Finding Same piece at @name

    Thanks for your effort Maxime. But i am really sorry. i never tried python scripting, so i dont know how to execute this above script. Is there any other way to find/fix that problem?
  11. Frame start and stop Expression

    AWESOME . It worked.
  12. $F to be a certain frame, Not 1

    Thanks alot.
  13. Hi guys, As i have pre-roll in my simulation, i am starting my sim from 1000th frame. but this is creating a problem, when i am using the "$F" , because i know it is recognising as frame 1. so that is the help i am looking forward here. how do i fix that ?? i want this $F to be the 1000th frame not the usual first frame. if suppose, there is no solution for that , then all i want is... """i have 100 rigid pieces, and i want each frame to have different pieces staring from 1000.""". i type in piece$F in the blast node, and its starting from frame 1.
  14. $F to be a certain frame, Not 1

    I tried both $SF method, and $F+999, still no good. Instead tried file caching the blasted node which starts from frame 1 and used time wrap node to start from 1000th frame. it works. But i am sure, there must be an easy way. i have attached the .hip file , in case if you guys didnt understand what i am trying to say . framestart_problem.hipnc
  15. Cluster node

    Hi, How do you use "Cluster node" to work on a simple Voronoi fracture. I know there is a cluster tab inside vornoi fracture node. but i was playing around new things and i found the node "Cluster". and when i apply the cluster node after assembling a simple voronoi fracture . I could see in geometry spreadsheet the cluster attribute has been created . but when i do the simulation. it behave same has how voronoi fracture looked. how do i make them clustered. Little help would be appreciated.
  16. Cluster node

    i created a "name" attribute in primitive, based on cluster number (using string = . and assembled again without creating a name attribute and it worked. Since am new to houdini, i'm still not sure its the right way. could create problem later as my scene goes big. looking forward for some advice Thanks Cluster_Help_Needed.hipnc
  17. DOP, constraint SOP problem

    Hi Vineet, Thank you so much. it worked.
  18. DOP, constraint SOP problem

    Hi everyone. I was trying to make an effect of Breaking the Geo in mid-air. So basically what i did in order to get that was, i used Velocity attribute inside Dop, SOP solver, to make the Geo breaks in mid air. but as the fractured pieces falls on the ground, the glue constraint impact still stays. And end up getting mannequin kinda effect. HELP ME FIX THIS. feel free to suggest different ways to achieve the same effect. DOP_SOP_Constraint_issue.hipnc