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  1. I got it to work by exporting .png file instead of .jpg. I'm still confused by cops.
  2. This is an awesome idea. Unfortunately the final output of the provided file is black. I can't figure out how to fix it quite yet as i'm not comfortable with cops. in the image context each transform seems to be moving it's image out of its own canvas resulting in a black rectangle. then all the black rectangles are merged together in the layer node resulting in black image. i don't know if there was a change in houdini that broke this file or what. I'm confused about why the transforms aren't transforming the image frame along with the image. the attached images show the result i get from the provided file without changing anything. thanks!
  3. My question is about packed disk sequence files. The docs state: Packed disk primitives automatically cycle when the rendered frame is outside the animation’s frame range. You can change this by setting the primitive string attribute "wrap" on the packed disk sequence to one of "clamp", "cycle", "mirror" or "strict". I assumed the meant you could add a sting attrib named wrap with the value of mirror to the primitives of cached geo and this would cause the file node to play back the PDS files back in a ping pong cycle. however this didn't work. what am i missing?
  4. normal issues after fracture

    Thanks for your response and description of how normals work with shattering it was helpful. I think the problem I see isn't the normals. Lets consider your suggestion of a shattered box. If you add 100 division to each axis of the box and 100 rows and columns to a grid with a mountain sop. And then boolean shatter the box with a few of the grids. The result is a shattered box with barley visible seams. If you add a clean sop with remove degenerate primitives(I guess these are polys with really low area) tiny holes appear along the seams. Tiny holes in the seam also appear after running the result through a loop with a voronoi. I'm not saying Houdini is wrong I'm just wondering what the best approach to solving this is. In a related question, If seams between shattered pieces are unavoidable. Is it best practice for destruction to render unshattered geo and then swap in the shattered version on the needed frame? Or render the shattered geo and cover the seams with material? thanks for you help. box_degenerate primitives.hiplc
  5. normal issues after fracture

    So I'm looking at your solution for this again and it seems the problem isn't fixed even with the normal problem solved. The problem can be seen on the clean sop after the boolean. The remove Degenerate Primitives on the clean causes the seam between pieces to be visible. this is the same problem that occurs after the voronoi. It seems like this combination of shatter and voronoi in a loop doesn't result in clean geo.
  6. normal issues after fracture

    He does it at 04:43
  7. normal issues after fracture

    Thank you very much! I was using the boolUnion just as a diagnostic as described by Steven Knipping in his 2017 siggraph presentation. But it looks like that's not always a good idea. Thanks again.
  8. I'm trying to understand a issue with surface normals after a fracture. In the example file i have attached I use a boolean shatter on some geo. This doesn't cause any visible issues with normals. However one oddity is that the result of the shatter contains non manifold edges and wont pass through a second boolean set to union. I'm not sure if this is what causes issues later on. Then I run the shattered pieces through a foreach loop an fracture each piece with voronoi. The result reveals bad normals along the edges of the fracture. In this case the problems can be mostly alleviated by reducing the cusp angle of the of the normal. But in some cases ive seen this solution doesn't always work. And too low a cusp angle can introduce other problems. Is the normal issue related to the non manifold edges from the boolean? Is there a way to set this up to avoid getting these normal problems. See attached file. Thanks shatter_test.hiplc