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  1. Per Object Intersection Pcloud

    That's perfect, thank you Dominik. Learned a lot from your setup too. Really ecstatic!
  2. Per Object Intersection Pcloud

    Hey there, I had a quick setup, was having a little trouble figuring out transferring attributes to each object of many for example at the edges where my objects intersect one another decided to try a solver approach, since was also having trouble in a for loop feedback. But I guess its the same thing. Maybe its a lot simpler than I'm making it or I didn't have the right mind set or approach. Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, have a good one. edge_find_cluster_v0001.hipnc
  3. Modifying Temperature before FluidSource

    Thank you Atom, this is perfect. Would love to tip you somehow. Cheers.
  4. Modifying Temperature before FluidSource

    This could be a really simple question, forgive me. I was curious how you would go about modifying per particle attributes (specifically temperature) when converted to a volume. For example I have a fluid particle sim and I want to use that in dops for a smoke solver.. and modify perhaps the temperature based on their respective ages. so far I've just randomized them dying based on age. which feels binary. so I wasn't sure if I could do something more in sops or if this would be a global dops animated kind of thing. Something a little more interesting and controllable is modifying the pscale for the particles. when going into a fluid source or a vdbfromparticles. I was hoping perhaps there's a similar scenario in which I could pre multiply temperature in the same way pscale is being done. Is there any guidance perhaps down that avenue? Uploaded a simple file if that makes my incoherence any more understandable. Cheers. Example_File.hiplc
  5. Layering Volumes, oddly subtracting

    Anyone might know why my volume is being subtracted, as I'm layering volumes together, saved as bgeos in separate geometries. when rendered it's oddly subtracting from one another in some areas.. like negative values affected it in some way. same approach as just set dressing a bunch of different clouds. // edit The houdini renderer I believe, reads negative values. And my odd manipulations have achieved this effect.
  6. Houdini Arnold Erorr

    Hate to revive thread, but don't see reason to start new one, since I have this error as well but more so it's related to anything arnold in Houdini. (This is just unlicensed arnold for now) Having issue with Arnold to Houdini Indie. Windows 10. Houdini 16.5.439. Arnold = htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439_windows I can't seem to get past this issue after many many hours. Things that are weird are some filepaths in that error have mismatched forward and back slashes. I wasn't sure how to fix that or why it would do that in the first place. I have redshift, but I'm not going to add path just to keep things simple. Python I added just in case it was sourcing incorrect python version.. doesn't change result of error. Other issues that may be similar are something to do with the visual studio side of things. tried uninstalling visual studio 2017. reinstalling 2017, uninstalling 2015, installing 2015. adding DSO error check in env variables = Houdini DSO error will say (127) Couldn't load. C:/Users/Max/htoa/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439/dso/htoa_core.dll. This is probably because this file was intended for use with a different version of houdini (yet the versions match up less I'm crazy.) #HOUDINI_USE_HFS_PYTHON = 1 # htoa config start PATH = "$PATH;C:/Users/Max/htoa/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/Users/Max/htoa/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439/htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&" # htoa config end I've also tried hardcoded versions of the path and houdini paths C:\Users\Max\htoa\htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439\htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439 C:\Users\Max\htoa\htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439\htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439/scripts/bin I've tried multiple reinstalls of houdini and arnold as well as multiple versions of each. If anything I'd like a way to reset everything and not have this problem at all lol. I've installed it on a friends computer just fine, so not sure why I'm messing stuff up. Thanks if anyone knows any solution or ideas. I've had a few people try to help and am very grateful. few ideas were to check vcredist_x64.exe and install that. which I already had unfortunately so thats the whole visual studio stuff. and check my script error locations and see if they were in read only - they were not and they had full privileges.