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  1. Mantra - Roundededge Node

    Ok, thank you very much David for your help!
  2. Mantra - Roundededge Node

    Thank you! I turned "True displacement" off in the material builder - is it still calculating a displ. or just bump? A: I have to use the bake texture node in the out conten to create a texture of the mask, am i right? B: The geometry is unfor. to low poly i think, isn´t it? C: Is there any other solution for this problem?
  3. Mantra - Roundededge Node

    DecalsSubtle0026_1_alphamasked_XL.7z edge_test.hipnc test_geo.abc
  4. Mantra - Roundededge Node

    I´m using the node tree as alpha for my layermix and as alpha for the displ._output. As soon as I use it for the displ._output i get an error message.
  5. Why is the roundededge node so buggy? I want to use the node as alpha in a layermix node. When i do so, i always get a message the my pc is running out of memory (i have 128gb ram). Somebody any solutions? kind regards