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  1. electric shader

    actually i mean material and light to make it bright.
  2. electric shader

  3. electric shader

    Hi guys, Do you know when i make this kind of electric effect what kind of material should i use? just basic principled shader or anything else? Thanks.
  4. metaball issue

    Thank you James scene file was very helpful.
  5. metaball issue

    Hi guys do you know how can i change the direction of force for metaball. I mean if i have a building and want to explosion just particular side (x direction etc.) how can i do it? something like this...
  6. matte and phantom?

    these are just better to get render pass? what if i don't have pass? do i still need them?
  7. matte and phantom?

    Hi guys, I have a simple question. I can't understand when i want to get render in mantra forced matte and forced phantom options. i get render separate every time for example if have destruction scene and if i want to get render that rbd, dust, debris, smoke etc. Do i need to put something forced matte and forced phantom in mantra settings? are they so important? thanks...
  8. pyro shader issue

    ok thanks
  9. pyro shader issue

    this is my old pyro shader can't i use that in 16?
  10. pyro shader issue

    anybody help?
  11. pyro shader issue

    hi guys i have a problem about pyro shader. whenever i want to get render preview i see this error. i am using houdini 16. can u help me please?
  12. paint density

    hi guys i use paint node to get particular scatter points for my object but when i fracture it, pieces look so long i guess it is a density problem. i just want irregular pieces but more points in some areas.how can i fix it.please help me... test.hipnc
  13. about cache

    it is ok i got it now. thanks...
  14. about cache

    hi guys i am new in houdini and i am making fracture project and i am using file cache sometimes. if i change something, do i have to get file cache again? because it takes long time. thanks.