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  1. I was tweaking the shader for the pyro, but after i cached. Mantra didn't render anything but pitch black Since I was just tweaking the shader with the mantra_ipr, all of a sudden the cache render a black also the pyro sim. Can anyone help me? Is this a bug or what? In the viewport it's still visible pyroproblemsolver.hip
  2. I have my pyro sim done, everything is fine When I apply the scale noise in the pyro shader, it just keep fading in and out, but when i turn off dual rest the problem is resolved rest field frame between resolve 20 frame offset 1 rest advection rate 1 it seems that the rest fields cross fading each other. I didn't have this problem before I have attached a simliar hip file and the rendered sequence problem.mov exploshelf_dualrest.hipnc