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  1. Hay, I found the mistake there should be staticsolver.setInput(0,staticobject,0) 1st zero is for input to my staticsolver and 2nd zero is for my staticobject output. so you only missed one zero but its help me a lot to understand what to do... Thank you!!!
  2. I have done something like this, but doesnt work staticsolver = dopnet.createNode("staticsolver") staticobject = dopnet.createNode("staticobject") staticobject.setInput(0,staticsolver) staticobject.setDisplayFlag(True) staticsolver.moveToGoodPosition()
  3. Hi, I am trying to do my asset for houdini and I am looking a method which can allow me to connect one node to anoter I use something like this, but this option is connecting everything to imput1 ('grey imput') staticsolver = doptoolutils.createSolver("staticsolver", True) - create staticsolver node staticobject = dopnet.createNode("staticobject") - create staticobject node doptoolutils.addObjectToSolver(staticobject, staticsolver, True) - connect staticobject to staticsolver but some nodes has more inputs: multisolver has 2 inputs one is grey and another purple - how I can connect my node to the purple one using python language? and another constraintnetwork has 3 inputs, one grey, green and purple and also if merge node has 3 inputs connected, how I can tell which should be first? I need explanation how I can connect something to each input. I found something like this but I dont understand what I should write to make it works: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/NodeConnection.html#outputNode if someone can write to me an example how should I write my script lines which show how I should connect node to purple input in multisolver, how to connect to green and purple input for constraintnetwork and how to define which is the first input in merge node. I attached picture as example what I want to connect to. Thank you Bart
  4. [SOLVED]Python Button Call Def?

    Works, thank you.
  5. [SOLVED]Python Button Call Def?

    Hi, I am looking similar solution, this works for the python script node in obj path. My python node is under path /obj/geo/subnet, and the button is on subnet node. How I can use similar callback script as above? I am not sure do I understand correctly exec(kwargs['node'].parm('python').eval());onClick() the 'node' is it a node where is a button? 'python' is a parameter on that node? am I right? if yes, I did something like exec(kwargs['/obj/geo/subnet/py'].parm('python').eval());onClick() 'py' is my python node name I think I miss understand something here or maybe I write inncorectly I need a hand with this part. Thank you