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  1. Hi How can I make UV's follow mesh curves, like the green line, instead of the red...
  2. Hi. I am trying to implement a function that will set "on parameter" to false, and set "opacity parameter" to 0 on a Octane light node, when it's display flag is turned off. I would like to implement it in "pythonrc.py" or another similar structure, to keep it global, instead of implementing it into the light asset, but what event function can I use to get calls whenever display flags are changed?
  3. I am working with animation layers, and get this color in my parameter all the time, what does this color mean?
  4. Keep point numbers after polyextrude

    Deleted, not correct...
  5. Hi Is there a way to keep the original point numbers when using polyextrude?
  6. Hi How can I create a velocity field based on an object's "walls" that will add force to particles so they will stay inside the object, without influencing particles that is inside the bounding?
  7. How can we create a point in the center of each surface? Here I used a facet to make unique points, then extrude to down scale each surface, and then fuse, but it seems pretty messy... I am sure there's a more elegant way?
  8. "control" ui elements via python

    Hi I am trying to enable/disable octane license inside Houdini, via python, but I can't find a way to "press a button" or paste text to the "username" and "password" input forms. The Octane dialog is created with "Houdini’s User Interface Script Language" and is opened via the tool shelf. Is this possible, via python?
  9. How is it possible to get the "number of points" of some object into a parameter of another note. If we have a curve with 100pts, and another curve that we wanna resample, using the same point count in the resample nodes "Segment" parameter, but they are in different streams.
  10. Hi Is it possible to create different configurations in packages, like setup_1 and setup_2 and somehow create a shortcut to Houdini with "flags" to choose, like it's possible to create different setups for different users or operating systems. My problem is that I run different render engines and other stuff that slow down Houdini at startup. I have a load time of about 40-50 sec. I don't need all that stuff when doing rnd, but doing rnd, Houdini crashes from time to time. It would be great to have a shortcut for RND (just some small assets and config) and one for loading everything. Using Windows 10
  11. Hi I have a star shaped object that I am trying to rig with KineFX. I am creating a skeleton/target, and then create control points from a remeshed version. I then use the target and control as an input for a curve solver, but the target and control is not matched correct. I guess it's maybe something to do with the point numbers?, but I am pretty lost... kinefx_question.hipnc
  12. Path deform - loop geo on curve

    Hi Is it possible to loop geometry (like a tube) on a closed curve (like a circle) When I use path deform the start and end of the tube continues in a "straight line", at the "end/start" of the guiding curve. I would like to create a "loop" where the tube continues it's deformation around and around. loop.hip
  13. Smooth curve based on curvature threshold

    Hi @Librarian thank you so much for the answer! I ended up with a ghetto solution relative to your answer I used a measure node, to get the "curvature -> to group -> expanding group -> blasting points -> smoothing" curve_example_ghetto_solution.hip
  14. Hi. I have a curve that has one sharp bend. I want to smooth/relax the bend, without smoothing the rest of the curve in a procedural way. Is it possible somehow to smooth the curve based on curvature. The two images show how the curve is now, and how I could like the sharp edge to look (correct) curve_example.hip
  15. Hi I have been playing around with this for an hour now, and I just don't know what is going on. I have a nurbs curve where I dissolve the lines, so I only have the points left. I then try to reconstruct the nurbs curve, but as you can see, the first and last point don't have the curve. All attributes are the same, I can't find any difference in the geometry spreadsheet. What am I missing? curve_example.hip