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  1. Often when I use loop selection (Shift+A) I get selection suggestions that make no sense. Is it possible to adjust the tool, to better follow edges in a "natural" way? I have used pattern selection, which works great, but I find it a bit tedious for these kinds of selection.
  2. @Fenolis Thanks. Ahh I see. We need to use the absolute path to the camera from the first reference (asset) is it possible to use a relative path instead? /obj/cam1 -> ../../cam1
  3. I have a node inside an asset. The asset has a parameter that references a camera. The node inside the asset needs the "resx" parameter value of the camera. I need to use the assets camera reference to get the "resx". I tried this: ch(chs("../cam")+"/resx") but I can't get it to work... How is this done correct?
  4. Thanks @konstantin magnus I ended up referencing a null (size_ref) before the divide node and dividing the bbox size with my fraction in the size parameter // sizex bbox("../size_ref/", D_XSIZE) / 5 // sizey bbox("../size_ref/", D_YSIZE) / 8
  5. Hi Is it possible to divide a surface into whole fractions individual for two axis. When using the divide node, I can't figure out to divide by the surface size, to get an even division, and I am getting these non uniform divisions at the edge. Is it possible to divide a surface into 5x8 uniform sub divisions?
  6. I found that this can be done with the "Divide" node "Remove shared edges". Logic
  7. Hi How can I convert this to a closed spline? how_to_outline.hipnc
  8. Is there a way to show all animation channels in a project?
  9. Hi Anyone know of a opensource VFX/3D/graphic CMS. A place to expose resources like textures, models, projects, documentation. It would be nice to have a place, online, that is optimized, to view, search and sort resources...
  10. Hi Is it possible to "transfer" the diffuse color information from a USD's materials to @Cd attribute while unpacking the USD?
  11. Thanks @mestela After doing this, saving the USD again makes the USD quite bigger in size. What is going on here?
  12. Hi I am trying to generate uv's on a USD scene, but I don't know how I should approach it. I would like to end up with a USD that is the same as what I started with, but with UV's. I can't wrap my head around, how to work with the geometry, without unpacking the USD to SOP level.
  13. Hi How can I make UV's follow mesh curves, like the green line, instead of the red...
  14. Hi. I am trying to implement a function that will set "on parameter" to false, and set "opacity parameter" to 0 on a Octane light node, when it's display flag is turned off. I would like to implement it in "pythonrc.py" or another similar structure, to keep it global, instead of implementing it into the light asset, but what event function can I use to get calls whenever display flags are changed?
  15. I am working with animation layers, and get this color in my parameter all the time, what does this color mean?
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