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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    an implicit object that you can define like you define a density in a volume object: very useful to render fractals as surfaces without voxel constraint.
  2. Curling ray trace / black hole

    I'm trying to achieve this effect https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lstSRS bh.exr
  3. Curling ray trace / black hole

    Hello again Hazoc, Sorry for the delay, hard week for me : here is a first scene, pretty raw, where I have a sphere (symbolizing the black hole, will be black), a null and a plane parented to the camera: this plane is receiving the blackhole shader. you will find in the material tab a material_builder with a simple snippet: the script is in it, but I don't know in Houdini what to link to what. Hope you'll find out thank you in advance snippet_blackhole_shader.hip
  4. Curling ray trace / black hole

    Thank you Hazoc, it could be, indeed an other way to solve my problem, but it isn't exactly what I try to do, if you are familiar with "rayhit" and to use snippet in materialbuilder, I could send you a scene with the draft map script I'm trying to create? Regards
  5. Hello everyone, I'm trying to set a blackhole effect like gargantua in Interstellar, in a low cost way. The idea is to us a grid as a renderer, parented to a camera (sticked to its frustum), to send a ray from camera position, through the grid, to a sphere and if the ray sent is in the periphery of this sphere it curls/bend. I have found the script to do that in another software but I don't know how to get the global ray direction information and how to use it. I thought use a snippet in a material to write the script and put the material on the grid. Maybe it's not even the most relevant idea to do this effect. I'am open to other solutions Don't know if I'm really understandable ^^' Thank you anyway in advance