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  1. Hey boys and girls, I'm doing some research on vdb LOD does anyone have some interesting ressources/links/advice. my objective is to Level of detail my vdb the further away from the camera. I've thought of clustering and other slicing methods but I'm just curious if any of you have resolved this type of problem Cheers!
  2. Hey guys and girls I'm very new to python and Houdini tool creation.This might turn out to be incredibly simple for you,I have a button that when click dives into my current digital asset my objective is to before diving to pin/lock/focuses the parameter pane that I clicked the button on(so the current node).I cant figure out how to use the classes Desktop,Pane,PantTab to do this to save my life. Am I simply approaching the problem wrong?I would greatly appreciate any help on this, Thanks in advance.Cheers!
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